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Unable to install skins from HTC HubSupport

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  1. Felinejade

    Felinejade New Member

    Hi there, just wanted to say thanks very much for posting the solution to this problem, I had been tearing my hair out trying to resolve this issue and I would never have figured out how to resolve it on my own. I followed your instructions and it worked perfectly!

    I have had my htc wildfire s for a week and was very annoyed to be experieincing problems with it! Very pleased with my lovely new skin! :eek::(:eek::(:eek::(:eek::(:eek:

  2. ramy2007_uk

    ramy2007_uk New Member

    hi all i have read your step by step guide on how to fix the bug but still not working for me i can download everything from the hub except Skins i have downloaded Astro and made a folder in sdcard folder named it data and restarted my phone with quick boot turned on and still nothing the icon at the top left corner of the screen says the item has downloaded but i have no idea where to go now any help would be great
  3. ItalianBaby757

    ItalianBaby757 New Member

    problem for mine is that i already have a .data file there. strangely enough i was able to download one skin (blackboard) after a long while the phone told me that it could not download the rest. what else can i try?
  4. pukh_2011

    pukh_2011 New Member

    thanxs in advance for sontinuing useful site for first users of anriod based phone.

    i hav everthing as told by sunny.but it doesn't show any file in the folder sreated (.data) in sdcard. i also want to confirm that whatever we download it go directly in phone memory.
    is their any settings thru we can download anything directly in sd card.

  5. Sems

    Sems New Member

    I am also unable to download skins from HTC club, but have successfuly downloaded a wallpaper....can anyone help as it just sits there and never downloads :mad:
  6. ZeldaLover

    ZeldaLover Member

    Thank you!! Fixed my problem also :)
  7. Sems

    Sems New Member

    :) Thank you, I have managed to download skin but am still having trouble installing as it is asking me to free up space, which i have done :mad:
  8. Sems

    Sems New Member

    Yey got there in the end !!! Space really seems to be an issue though, I dont have many Apps.

    Thanx tho as i am a techno phobic and I eventually managed to sort it!!! lol
  9. PurpleMuppet

    PurpleMuppet New Member

    It worked for me, and now I have the skin I want :)
  10. AlvoRAM

    AlvoRAM New Member

    Thanks sunyhj, fixed my problem...

    For those not able to see a .data folder on the SD card, I had the same problem, I had to go into the settings for my file explorer (ES File Explorer,) And enable the viewing of hidden files & folders.
  11. heardyou

    heardyou New Member

    downloaded ASTRO... not exactly sure how to install the skin through the data file?
  12. Aero-Z

    Aero-Z Member

    Create .data folder into to root of sdcard. Then try to install the skin like you did in the first place.
  13. Htchubproblem

    Htchubproblem New Member

    It does not work to me What am I doing wrong ? It does not come to my map (data) ?
  14. Htchubproblem

    Htchubproblem New Member

    It doesn
  15. Harish Harris

    Harish Harris Well-Known Member

    Have you created file named .data or just data?
  16. Aero-Z

    Aero-Z Member

    You don't create a file named .data but FOLDER named .data.
  17. Harish Harris

    Harish Harris Well-Known Member

    Oops!!! :rolleyes: My mistake. Typed it as "file" instead of "folder". :)
  18. klysk

    klysk New Member

    Thanks.. It finally works..Great Job!!! :)
  19. ketki.s

    ketki.s New Member

    hey thnx so much fr ur help! i was fed up with trying 2 download skins...finally was able 2 do it only after reading ur post!! :)
  20. d33ps1x

    d33ps1x New Member

    Thanks man! Excellent! This one drove me nuts! Wow!
  21. olliejue

    olliejue New Member

    Hi thank you so much it worked!!!:):):):):):)

    Have been trying for days!!
  22. pranith

    pranith New Member

    my phone gets strucked when i use an app more than 15 mins
    can any one say y
    and it will not locate my position in maps some times but every time restarting is not the solution can any one help me out of this
    if we install any game or an app how to close it completely such that it does not affect battery
    i am unable to play complete videos in youtube sometimes

    please help me out of this
  23. beachshaz

    beachshaz New Member

    Sorry so new to all this tec, installed astrofile manager, how do i create new folder in sdcard, in my 40s and tec challanged.
  24. brotherswing

    brotherswing Well-Known Member

    @ pranith - try pulling the battery and holding the power button down for thirty seconds. The power back up and try again.

    @ beachshaz - try long pressing on the main screen in astro, that should pull up a context menu, like right clicking in windows. If that doesn't work, hit the menu button from astro's main screen, there ought to be an option there for it.
  25. pranith

    pranith New Member

    the above question is different frm ur answer dude just say me how to play full videos in youtube

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