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  1. lexvdub1

    lexvdub1 Member

    Today I called and complained about the phone not being able to get Flash 10.1, during the conversation with the LG rep, she was explaining to me how this is an issue. They were trying to send new pamphlets correcting the error on it, so that the customers won't be misinformed.

    After I finished talking to her, I went to the store which I bought the phone and the guy didn't know much about the phone and then I explained to him the issue I had with the phone, He told me to go to the Corperate store which wasn't too far away and they could help me better with the issue.

    Once I got to the store, I explained to the lady my issue and she called an LG rep and the rep told her to tell me to use skyfire.

    For those who don't know what SKYFIRE is, i'll explain it. SKYFIRE is a web browser that has the ability to let you view "some" websites using Flash from the browser, the key word in there is "some", so it's not the same as having Flash 10.1.

    So I told her to tell the rep that if I wanted to use SKYFIRE, I would've stayed with my iPhone. One of the reasons I chose this phone was because according to the pamphlet it was capable of Flash 10.1. Then the rep told her that there's nothing he can do, it's just a misprint. So I told her how can I get my money back and she told me to go to store I bought the phone.

    Once I got to the store, the guy explained to me that in order for me to get my money back, the phone had to be less than a week old and the talk time could not exceed 60 minutes. If you're like me and don't meet either one of those requirement, go into the market and download the SKYFIRE app.

    I'm sorry to give out bad news.

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  2. lexbot

    lexbot Active Member

    Ya, that is the metroPCS policy, they will do a factory exchange within 30 days but a full refund requires < 1 hour of talk time.

    I think it is amazing LG can get away with calling this a misprint though. A misprint is a typo. They flat out added a feature which the phone does not have.

    It is false advertising and they should refund anyone who demands it as long as they bought it before their product literature was fixed.
  3. lexvdub1

    lexvdub1 Member

    Yeah I think it's bullsh!t that they can get away with that, now i'm out $322 plus the last month and the deactivation fee that I owe T-mobile.

    I was calm and collected when I was talking to the people at the store, but when I heard the word SKYFIRE, I almost started cursing them out.

    Since I had the iPhone, I already knew what that app brought to the table. I saw that this phone was suppose to support 10.1, so I said this is what I want. I just feel that that misprint should be more than a slap on the wrist, maybe the "BBB" may get a call from me and a few others.
  4. Someone start a complaint thread and list at the top all the phone numbers and places complaints can be filed agianced LG so that we all know all of the places and can submit complaints to each one.
  5. chanda94954

    chanda94954 New Member

    Count me in for a class action lawsuit. That will turn things around faster than complaining.

  6. chanda94954

    chanda94954 New Member


    LG can only get away with calling it a misprint until someone files suit against them. I don't have the time to do this. If anyone out there isn't working or going to school, maybe they would be willing to put the time into it. It doesn't even take money to get the process going. Just get in contact with your local non profit Legal Aid office and they would be happy to either take the case or provide a counsel reference.

    Anyone have time to do this?
  7. wyd

    wyd New Member

    Hi everyone, I've been here sitting reading about the problem with adobe flash on this phone. How can all you smart people in this room let LG and metroPCS get away with such gross slap in the face in this classic bait and switch tactic? Please, I live in Atlanta... Metro does business in Atlanta. I need a few of you to join in and let's sue these corporate criminals. It takes only $75 bucks. The secretary of state has their registered agent. You do not need to be a lawyer to file a suit. I have done it countless of time and won each one of my cases. If the bases of one's suit is supported in fact, there is no reason why any judge or jury of good conscious will not hold their feet to the fire. This is just a misprint my foot!! How many times do you think LG tested this phone and metroPCS reviewed it before it was released? So one had to have known that the phone lacked these feature. Even if it was a mistake, stupidity(Benign neglect) is not a defense. Let - us - sue - them!! When they are slapped with a fine and punitive damages, they will remember the basic facts and basic features of each phone they sell in the future.
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  8. chanda94954

    chanda94954 New Member

    I downloaded Skyfire, then went to pogo to play Monopoly, still didn't f*king work
  9. therooferking

    therooferking Member

    skyfire wont work for flash games only videos
  10. bucketbass

    bucketbass Well-Known Member

  11. lexvdub1

    lexvdub1 Member

    I just filed a complaint with the BBB and told them to take a look the situation, and see if I can get my money back, I think you guys should do the same.
  12. I just filed a complaint with them as well. They said to please try and state the facts and not just an angry message. I explained whats going on and included a link to the LG optimus M Data Sheet that lists Flash 10.1
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  13. OK, I just The BBB sent metro my complaint 2 days ago and metro replied the same day saying that I can print out the BBB complaint and take my phone with receipt to any metro corporate store for a full refund of the phone even though I am past their return policy time.

    I plan to return it this weekend and then wait for the first 4G android phone that comes out, (im hoping that one will be a more powerful phone) MetroPCS employees are saying there will be one in February.
  14. went down to the corporate store today and they refunded the full price of the phone. I asked when they would be getting any new LTE phones and the guy said he didnt know anything about and know phones "they dont tell me anything".

    Then after spending a few minutes in the back room, he came out with a picture of a samsung phone and whispered, when you get home search online for the samsung forte. Its going to be a new andorid LTE phone.

    I will definitely remember to file any complaints I have with the BBB in the future. They seem to do what was asked (refund on two phones) just to keep their record clean with the complaints.

    At first the guy at the store didn't know what to do and pretty much said they never refund on phones over the return period and especially on phones purchased from other stores. My paper said to bring it in to any corporate store, so he called up metro corporate on the phone and they walked him through the refund process. I think he actually had to contact the store I purchased from and have them process the refund to him so he could then refund the money to me.

    didnt take to long, was about 15 minutes.
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  15. Aplus

    Aplus Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you got a full refund! It does kinda suck that we don't have flash and that they lied about having it but, seeing as this is the best phone Metro has to offer atm, I think I'm gonna stick with this until I see what else comes out. The Forte is just supposed to be the first of many Android LTE phones to come out by the end of the year.
  16. ChazzMatt

    ChazzMatt Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Samsung Forte is going to drop Feb 11. LTE Android. It's the Samsung SCH-R910. Some had said Samsung was going to change the name to "Indulge" instead of Forte. We'll see.

    In anticipation of that, Metro dropped the price of our Optimus M to $199.
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  17. danyvw

    danyvw Well-Known Member

    Theres rumors that Metro is going to introduce 5 to 6 LTE phones this year some of them are going to be Androids and maybe one of them is going to be an HTC LTE Android. I think Im going to wait 6 more months to see what will happen. For the moment I love my rooted LG Optimus with Custom Recovery, OC to 768 MHz with Modified Kernell thanks to some members of this marvelous forum.
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  18. jhanley2525

    jhanley2525 Member

    hey if you could send me liknks to at least the threads where you got the info for overclocking and custom recovery, i would appeciate it. pm or reply would be fine.
  19. Aplus

    Aplus Well-Known Member

    You OC'd to 768? I can't go past 748 without random reboots. It still runs like butter with smartass setting, 122/748!
  20. danyvw

    danyvw Well-Known Member

    At the beginning putted just 748 MHz but before reading a post of Andy with his phone at 768 MHz, decided to go faster and till now everything is working fine, no loops nor reboots. Right now getting 1224 score on Quadrant Standart
  21. danyvw

    danyvw Well-Known Member

  22. Aplus

    Aplus Well-Known Member

    Maybe I'm goin too low and making the phone work too hard. What are you underclocked at?
  23. danyvw

    danyvw Well-Known Member

    122 MHz almost all the time but sometimes let it in 245 MHz
  24. lexvdub1

    lexvdub1 Member

    After filing the wrong complaint with Metro pcs, I refiled the complaint with LG. They received my complaint and sent a waiver letter stating that if they gave me back the money, I wouldn't take anymore actions.

    I sign the letter and sent it back, they told me to wait for the check in the mail. I just received the check today for $323 and they let me keep the phone.

    Goes to show that if you complain to the right people, you will get results. Now I'm gonna return this phone because I have an issue with the proximity sensor and hopefully ill get a newer phone.

    Then after that, I'll be waiting for that 4g Samsung phone. Good luck everybody
  25. cwc5150

    cwc5150 New Member

    could you please post the info so that we can all get a refund for these bogus device claims so we all can be finally be happy with this phone

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