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Using ICS ROMs/Kernels on Android 2.3.5

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  1. mentalsoul

    mentalsoul Member

    Hi there, I'm new to the forums, so please excuse my obvious newbie questions. :cool:

    I recently rooted my GT-I9100 (international version), and have a few questions for you guys.

    My first question is pretty straightforward; Does the modem version/number have any impact on which kernels or ROMs I can use? Phone: I9100XXKI4.

    My second question is regarding using ICS kernels and--more importantly--ICS ROMs on Gingerbread. As I bought my phone in Abu Dhabi (UAE), it's currently still running on Android 2.3.5 GB -- there isn't an official ICS update as of yet. And quite frankly, I'm tired of waiting for that official update, so I've taken the plunge and rooted my GSII. Anyway, back to my question; To utilize an ICS ROM like HyDr0G3N-ICS 13.05 (for example), do I need to install an ICS kernel, or do certain ROMs include their own kernel?

    Ideally, I would want to use:
    Kernel: Siyah v3.2.3
    ROM: Resurrection Remix ICS AOKP v.1.8.1 or HyDrOG3N-ICS 13.05

    What's the best way to make this happen? Which combination of kernel/ROM is best in this situation?

    What would be your advice or input for me going forward?

    Thanks for putting up with my noob-y questions ;). Any advice is much appreciated!

    - mentalsoul

  2. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    a modem can be used no matter what firmware/kernel your using.
    its effectiveness will be particular to your country/region/network operator, so its a case of try it and see for yourself.

    You cannot use ICS kernels on GB ROMS.
    As you are already rooted, you can go straight onto ICS if you require. By installing an ICS ROM, it will come with an ICS kernel. The kernel it comes with will be particular to the ROM. Some come bundled with cf-root, others with Siyah. Hydrog3n for example comes with NetChip. If the ROM doesnt have the kernel you want, then its just a simple case of flashing it later with CWM.

    ROMs will also have their particular version of modem. LPS is a popular choice these days, and is probably the best, but there is nothing stopping you putting other versions on after flashing the ROM.

    My advice to you would be to try one or 2 Sammy ROMS as well as the AOKP-type offerings such as Hydrog3n and Dragon. This will give you a better feel for which type you prefer.
    My personal favourite is VK which is a Sammy based ROM. Hydrog3n and Dragon are my AOKP choices.
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  3. mentalsoul

    mentalsoul Member

    Thanks for the reply, Hawker -- it definitely cleared things up for me.

    So I guess the rule of thumb is to only pair ICS ROMs with ICS Kernels, and GB ROMs with GB Kernels. As I understand it, my device's original firmware (i.e. Android 2.3.5) doesn't determine whether or not I can use ICS ROMs/Kernels on my Galaxy S2--do I have that correct?

    Also, as I'm pretty new to this, what is the general order for installing? ROM first, Modem second (if desired), Kernel third (again, if I want to use a different one)? I've read around the forums quite a bit, but can't recall seeing what the exact order is for installing.

    I'll go with your recommendation on ROM/Modem choice. Could you point me in the right direction for downloading the latest version of the VK ics Rom and LPS modem?

    Much appreciated!

    - mentalsoul
  4. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    if you have a ICS kernel on a GB ROM or vice versa, then your device will not boot.
    After you install a ROM, go into help, about phone and check kernel and basesband.
    if you want to change either, then you can do so in any order.

    See this thread for links
  5. mentalsoul

    mentalsoul Member

    Great! Thanks for your help.

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