Using the N1 Desk dock with other devices?

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  1. ianr

    ianr Well-Known Member

    Hello all, has anyone managed to make a Nexus One desk dock pair with another phone to permit streaming of bluetooth music to an attached stereo system? I now have a Nexus S but it won't even see the N1's desk dock no matter what I set the dock to do, I suspect it only responds to Nexus Ones. I have tried all the settings on the NS and all the dock settings on the N1 to make it pair, and have even tried putting the N1 into the dock then when the dock connection dialogue appears, I then scan with the NS but so far, it just won't show up.

  2. nfkraemer

    nfkraemer New Member

    I would really like to repurpose my N1 home dock.
  3. hughstimson

    hughstimson New Member

    I'm wondering the same thing. I have a Nexus One and dock. I'm now using an Nexus S but I still use the One and it's dock as a music system.

    But I'd love to be able to connect my Nexus S to the stereo through the dock. And while we're at it, my partner's iPhone, and my laptop.

    Anyone figured out how to hack that together?
  4. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-) VIP Member

    I just don't see how this would be possible. The dock uses specific contacts that line up with contacts at specific placements on the bottom of the Nexus One. You'd have to have a phone with the same exact contact placement and the built in functionality of what to do when contact is made. Since it doesn't use USB, it isn't terribly universal.
  5. ProfessorC

    ProfessorC New Member

    That's not as far-fetched as it would seem.
    The 3-pin setup is fairly universal, in actuality. Most manufacturers buy the component that houses the contacts as a standard piece. The pins most likely line up. But, yeah, the "built in functionality" is the larger issue.
  6. binary_pattern

    binary_pattern New Member

    kraemer, did you find a way to reuse it? would you like to just sell it to me instead? let me know via PM, please.

  7. futiless

    futiless New Member

    This is a brilliant post we need to use be able to use this as a way to receive A2DP broadcasts. I would love the ability to pair it with my computer.

    You could stick one on every audio playback device in your home/work and just boombox's, a/v receivers, TV's whatever! Auto pair and broadcast from laptops, computers, and any other source with bluetooth.

    I would love to have it hop from one output to another depending on what room I was in. That way if multiple people have sound sources and the playback devices are stationary they could roam around and the audio would follow. :cool:
  8. futiless

    futiless New Member

    Look at how many first POST's like me there are in this thread !~! Incredible that must mean something ;)
  9. dwilliam16

    dwilliam16 Member

    I know I tried to rig something up with a Galaxy Nexus and just wired contact to contact but it wouldn't even register power. I remember somewhere reading an article about someone using the N1 pins to control something, so maybe it can be done in reverse. Who knows...?
  10. Sebdroid

    Sebdroid New Member

    I'm afraid I have gone even further without success. I took my N1 dock apart and rigged the pogo pins to line up with the pins on my Galaxy Nexus, but all I get is charging, no BT connection. I suspect the handshaking code which runs the BT paring is device specific :( That said, my rig was a little wobbly, so it is possible I was not getting a solid connection. I hate to waste expensive electronics like this.

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