[Verizon] KK 4.4.2 and HD8, with firmware (modem)

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  1. jetguat

    jetguat Well-Known Member

    Sorta drive me up the wall all the different terms bandied about, never 100% sure if I follow what people are talking about. So anyway, here is the question.

    KK for rooted N3. I flashed the deodexed rom within SS, and from odin I flashed the firmware from this link.
    ★ [ROM/ROOT][N900VVRUCNC2][4.4.2] Stock Root Odex/DeOdex [04/23/14]★ - Post #1 - XDA

    After the firmware flash, I made sure I had BusyBox, safestrap v3.72. and went back into SS recovery. I think installed HD8. From there I just did a sytem boot. and went off an running.

    I believe that means I'm running the modem/firmware for NC2. I'm reading that many have had issues. Hard to say for 100%. But my battery life seem much worse today. And i've been dropping to 3G quite a bit, when I rarely ever did. One suggestion was to load the NC4 modem. And by modem I am guess they mean the firmware from this link:
    ★ [ROM/ROOT][N900VVRUCNC4][4.4.2] Stock Root DeOdex [06/18/14] NC2/NC4/DevEd COMPATIBLE ★ Insecure Modules/Selinux Permissive ON NC4 Bootloader!! ★ - Post #1 - XDA

    Question: I know many are in HD8 here. What has your battery/data connection experience been? Are you still on the NC2 firmware (falshed via odin). Did I miss a steps? in some ROMing guides, after the rom is flashed some recommend to reflash the firmware again. Did you? Should I?

    Question: Likelywise I've read some issues about NC4, but I dont understand them. My only concern is can I jump back to MJE if I need to? Not understanding the concerns of going NC4 I dont know if its good or back, and in fact I am not sure how to jump to NC4. Would I need to factory rest or wipe data/cache/system? do I simply odin that firmware now? What is the "kernel" file for on that website. Never came across why someone would update the kernal.

    thanks for the support/suggestions

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I mean I have had pretty good results with battery life, mine has been pretty constant, if not a little better since moving up to 4.4.2, then again I am not using a heavy customizable ROM like HD8.

    However, with the new firmware release, you should just flash it over via Odin and be good to go, it's just an update, shouldn't require anything else. You shouldn't need to factory reset. If you wanted to clear the dalvik and cache that might not be a bad idea.

    I know that for good measure in my guide, I suggest to flash the firmware each time via Odin, while not necessary I just know it made the ROM, from my stand point, slightly more stable :). Flashing the firmware again won't hurt anything, it only has the ability to make things slightly more stable, or just do nothing lol.

    The Kernel is how the hardware talks to the software. Updating the Kernel can do a lot for the device in terms of performance and battery life. It can be good or bad, so who knows how that would work out for us.

    I am very content on staying with what I have right now. I haven't had the data drop issues like many others have had yet ;)
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  3. jetguat

    jetguat Well-Known Member

    What was suggested to me on xx a was not to flash the firmware, rather just the modem. That Individual (Mirric Or Something Like that) Made a clear distinction between flashing the firmware and the modem
  4. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    It shouldn't matter, the other stuff within the package of the update will just overwrite the other one, causing the newest one to be active.

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