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  1. Kod1ak

    Kod1ak Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to get an app on my screen that is a one click straight to voicemail? I know I get a notification but if I accidently clear that out or have already listened to my voicemail...sometimes it's a pain to have to click on the phone icon...then the dial icon...then hold down 1. I wish there was just a way to have a 1 touch access to go straight to voicemail. Any ideas? Is there a way to do this on the phone or do I need to download some app?

  2. Kod1ak

    Kod1ak Well-Known Member

  3. kyler13

    kyler13 Well-Known Member

    Can't you just create a Voicemail contact for *86? That takes you right to the password prompt. It is what I did on my incredible, but I know what your asking about because my Charge had the voicemail icon.
  4. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    ;) I don't blame you for using the "tips" prefix when that is what you're looking for.

    But threads with the "tips" prefix mostly attract members looking for tips, so once they click in and see the OP with a question instead of a tip they tend to move on.

    I've changed your prefix to "support" for you. :)
  5. icn4d

    icn4d Active Member

    my suggestion would be use google voice and switch to their widget. Or verizon visual voicemail...
    I like the idea of the contact then shortcut as well.
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  6. Proph

    Proph Well-Known Member

    as mentioned create a contact for voicemail and add the contact widget to a home screen will work. however i am guessing you want something that also shows the number of voicemails? that i have never seen.

    btw in the US on the verizon nexus you CAN'T clear the damn voicemail notification until you actually call in and delete the voicemail. that may be a verizon thing since every verizon android phone i have had is the same way but it is damn annoying. i have alot of stupid co-workers that leave voicemail all the time. i tell them time and time again if the phone rang i will see the missed call and call you back there isnt' a need to leave a voicemail to tell me to call you back.
    having icons in the notification bar annoys me personally i like to keep it clean but the fact i have to call into voicemail, delete the voicemail of someone who i know i missed a call from just to clear the notification has always been annoying. i am about to switch my voicemail to google voice just to avoid this.
  7. RedWingsFanEd

    RedWingsFanEd Active Member

    If you want to go directly into your unread voicemail you can, as previously suggested, add a contact and put it as a quick dial on your screen. I didn't just use *86 though, I put in *86,XXXX#,1 where XXXX is your password so I go directly into my unheard messages without having to open the dial pad. You will have to open the dial pad to delete though.
  8. wysts43

    wysts43 Well-Known Member

    Big Time Agree! Google Voice for voicemail is awesome. The transcriptions aren't really that useful, but you do not have to dial-in to access your voicemail, you dont have an inbox that fills up, you can access your voicemail on your computer if you so desire, etc. You can google various help threads on how to set this up using your current phone number. I cannot recommend this enough!

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