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  1. dockramer

    dockramer New Member

    This just started a yesterday. When my screen is unlocked, pushing the power button once does not lock the phone. A long push brings up the Phone Options menu. If the screen is locked, a short push brings up the unlock screen so I know the short push is working.

    Bottom line, I can't get the screen to lock by short push of the power button.

    Anyone else have this issue?

    Ideas would be much appreciated.


  2. SinR1

    SinR1 Member

    I also had this issue once. I had to restart the phone to get it to work.
  3. daddyd302

    daddyd302 Well-Known Member

    I had this issue once. I do believe it was lag. It worked later on, like 10 seconds later.
  4. dockramer

    dockramer New Member

    Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately, I had to wipe to device but it is now fixed. I believe it was related to an app called Tasker and a task which altered the keyguard settings.
  5. JojoSteez

    JojoSteez New Member

    Hello, just joined the forums here. Saw this thread and had to speak up...I was having this exact same problem and made a thread over at android central about it. I thought it might be tasker also, as I had a task to keep the screen awake while the keyboard was open. I deleted this task and the problem still persisted. I noticed this did start happening around the same time as I first tried the one click root. I got root fine but I noticed this weird issue a bit after. I can't say if it was that though as I had been messing around with the phone all night when I noticed the power button problem...I ended up wiping and all is good now. I am still rooted as the factory wipe didn't take root away so I am not sure what the problem was. There were a couple of people at AC that had the same problem and a wipe fixed for them. Luckily I had backups in place so it was relatively painless to get everything going again.
  6. dockramer

    dockramer New Member

    Sounds like Tasker is the problem w Keyguard tasks. I'll definitely be careful with changing keyguard settings in the future.
  7. SinR1

    SinR1 Member

    Well, I don't have Tasker and had this issue for the second time.

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