When I connect S3 to computer, all other USB devices shut off! What!Support

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  1. GB88

    GB88 New Member

    I just switched from iPhone to this S3 on AT&T. I am on a desktop running Windows 7, and I have a USB WiFi adapter as well as a USB wireless mouse. When I plug my S3 into the computer, the internet and the mouse stop working. (The computer DOES recognize the phone, ironically.) At first I thought it was that awful Kies program that I naively installed, but it happens even when Kies is not installed. What should I do? It's driving me nuts so I would really appreciate any help... :confused:

  2. sleeco

    sleeco Well-Known Member

    Try a soft reset (take battery out for 5 mins) if that fails do a factory reset via menu/ settings/ backup and reset.
  3. GB88

    GB88 New Member

    I tried both of those and neither fixed the problem. I have a feeling the problem is on my computer, since this doesn't happen when I plug it into my work computer. I even turned off the option "shut off this usb port to save power" in Power Management and that didn't help either. Any ideas?

    (although, iPhones plug in just fine to this computer!!)

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