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  1. tbabynyc

    tbabynyc Member

    Hi guys... I received my droid x lastnight and love it. I can't seem to find the amulets that have the android bots on them. Any ideas where to get? Thank u!

  2. theninemilly

    theninemilly Member

    I have them on my X running 2.2 when using google talk. Can't remember if they were there with 2.1 or not. I just noticed them after the update.
  3. Bert336

    Bert336 Well-Known Member

    are you talking about when you are in google talk, you press the menu button and hit more and then insert smileys?
  4. tbabynyc

    tbabynyc Member

    no when you sms..i see the regular smileys but not the ones that have the little green droid.
  5. Bert336

    Bert336 Well-Known Member

    i got mine to show, press and hold the ":)" icon, and they all pop up, i have 15 droid smileys (under regular text message)

    edit: i believe 2.1 only came with standard green smileys, not droid smileys. i may be wrong though.
  6. tbabynyc

    tbabynyc Member

    Right. I pressed that button and regular smileys come out not the robot kind. Did I need to install something?
  7. Bert336

    Bert336 Well-Known Member

    yea, im pretty sure Froyo 2.2 is the one with the bot's. Because i do not have the standard smileys anymore, only bots.
  8. JubbaTheHutt

    JubbaTheHutt Well-Known Member

    2.1 - No Bot Smileys

    2.2. - Bot Smileys
  9. Gotta Be Mac

    Gotta Be Mac Well-Known Member

    Any way to go back to regular smileys? I'm on 2.2 and prefer the non bots.
  10. trunks67

    trunks67 New Member

    Okay I have 2.2 and see the robot smilies but when I try to use them it just shows up as a regular smiley. What is wrong?
  11. labeledbass

    labeledbass Well-Known Member

    I was kind of wondering about this, even with 2.1 when texting, I see the smiley on the keyboard, and if I long press it gives me 2 pages to select from. But they are not the "translated" smileys, they are all what you had to type to create a smiley. I see this - : ) , : P, ; ), ect. NOT :), :p, ;), ect. , I understand how to create some but not all of them, not sure what some are. Its like before BB had 5.xx, ver 5 added visual smileys. I don't understand why this newer phone doesn't have it, or at least mine, when my 2 year old Storm 1 does.

    Thanks in advance, this is in SMS Messaging. Running 2.2, non-rooted.
  12. unknowndroid

    unknowndroid Well-Known Member

    I'm going to assume everyone knows this, but will mention it because I know of at least one person who didn't know it.

    The smiley's that you see are just the way that "your" phone interprets the characters :) or :-( etc. The person you are sending to will see them the way that their phone interprets them. The actual message only contains the text characters.

    I remember someone way back with the Droid who could not understand why their friend on a BB did not get the Bot Smileys they were sending them. You don't send the actual icons, you only send text which is then translated to the specific set of icons your phone uses.
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  13. labeledbass

    labeledbass Well-Known Member

    Thanks, yeah I get that - the others phone may translate : ) as :), but when my girl sends me a smiley its only displayed as : ), not :). Half of the smiles I don't understand, which was nice about my storm because instead of having : ), : p, ; ) it really displayed the "icons" for which they rep'ed. I just read on here that some people can visably see the icon, not the txt equivilant. Basically, I have yet to see any smileys in my sms - I haven't checked gmail, or any related apps that people mention above but I would just assume that the keyboard would display the smiley icon, just for reference so you don't have to look it up on the net just to send a smiley of someone cring.... I mean, I could be wrong, there could be a reason that MY phone isn't displaying them and something needs to be changed, added - but I have yet to see any thing since I bought it, 7/15.

    2.2 non-rooted, using stock SMS, swype input, (was the same way with 2.1)


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