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  1. superboy4444

    superboy4444 Well-Known Member Developer

    Most credit for this ROM should go to Martinez41613 for the samsung galaxy reverb ROM, all i did was slightly modify some things to make it in ways, how i feel are better, also, i ported it over to the Samsung Galaxy Stellar 4G LTE. However, i do not have the device so as far as it working the best i can give you is i think it will work. This ROM has both TouchWiz 4 and the stock CyanogenMod 9 launcher in the system/app directory. If you want to use one or the other all you have to do is go into system/app and delete the one you don't want, they are called seclauncher and trebuchet.

    Please let me know if this works, i would really like to dev for this phone!


  2. Rick2179

    Rick2179 Well-Known Member

    Your link dose not work

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