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  1. clubanger96

    clubanger96 Well-Known Member

    My avid use to connect to my WiFi fine but recently now when i try to connect to it it says connecting...then saved‚ secured with wpa2 and does it over again and doesn't connect to it. I have tried to take off the wpa2 password and make it an open connection but my avid doesn't find the connection i even unplugged the router and also re flashed the kernel but it still happens anyone know how to fix this?

  2. lewishamilton

    lewishamilton Member

    try a reset once...menu - settings - backup and reset - factory data reset
  3. mredwing1984

    mredwing1984 New Member

    Did than reset work
  4. DOSRanger

    DOSRanger New Member

    I have had the same wifi problem since my purchase 03/13? Mine still won't connect to ONLY MY wifi. I have Clear Hub Express which is a 4g hub. Don't ever get the Clear service. Slow and throttled back a peak time. I did hard reset on all devices to no avail. My Avid tries to connect but acts as if my password is off by a digit? Avis also will not assign ip for net card? Any thoughts?
  5. starxpilot

    starxpilot Well-Known Member

    While in this day and age, it would be foolhardy for a mobile device not to be compatible with a single particular frequency. What type of radio is it broadcasting and are you able to change the security settings to something other than WPA?

    I should also mention that my Wi-Fi is actually slow to start up, not the router or the internet itself but the device takes its sweet time in connecting to it and then switching over from 4G to Wireless. This happens almost everywhere I go and it is almost immediately remedied by navigating websites. I use the Firefox Browser for Android.

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