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  • Mrsmith88 PM'd me that he bought a new device and requested that this thread be closed. If anyone else has a similar issue and wishes to open this thread to continue the conversation, please PM me I'll open it :)

    please reopen this thread im having a similar issue
    I posted a link for the ruu.zip if u would like to use the link in your OP please feel free. It will save people some time. You can find the link in my thread ruu.zip
    Hello jerofld, Im currently using galaxy s3. when i receive an sms, there is always a notification says that my sim card message is full although I
    On Samsung Galaxy S3, often when I attempt to select text, my only option is to paste something I had previously pasted somewhere else.
    I'm really sorry and don't mean to bother you like this but you seem to know your stuff about the evo 3d and I was hoping you could take another look at my thread to see my new postings... its just that i can't get past the bootloop screen now....
    hey, can you delete or re-name the thread i made entitled: Thoughts on the HTC ONE, it was supposed to be about the EVO 4g LTE.. i got the name wrong, not thinking..
    thanks for all the help and info on how to fix my phone. put in alot of hours to get it situated and back to where i needed it to be and it was all thanks to you and your quick answers and informative threads.
    Hboot 1.4 s-off TN 4.0.3 ICS
    Congrats on your promo you have been a great asset to the Staff and Members here at AF
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