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  • hello Starscream, i was wondering why none of your ZTE Warp Custom ROMS Dont Have "download links" because i wanna try them out, but i dont see a download link, can u email me the links and/or post them at the bottom of the message??
    Long time no see. Stop playing Fallout and add me on steam:
    Steam Community :: Muyanaise
    hit me up bro; got something for you that should help your development. and no not your maturity, your roms ;\.
    hey apollostar, ddownload to phone or comp? can i run oc kernel with it(i know about wifi problem).if so can you recommend a compatible ockernel. thanks
    Finally after 3 months messed around and rooted phone, you know any good root apps or markets to bring this phone to life, one more question how do you post from your phone, i forgot how to
    apolla do you think you can explain to me how to up load framework.apk and system ui.apk files into uot kitchen,i think iam following instructions but it still wont work,i have a pc now too thats what iam trying to do it on thank you
    You know maybe you should have a vote or ask everyone what color they perfer,you want evertone to like your rom.
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