motorola droid 2

  1. J

    Root Humbly Seeking Help with Droid 2

    Unfortunately, I failed to heed your warning to create a backup before making changes to the filesystem. I deleted system apps resulting in a phone that will receive calls and texts but has no interface. I realize that your warning suggested the solutions are neither cheap nor easy, but I...
  2. atarimega74

    Root Droid 2 Touch Screen Problem

    Same happened to me today. The phone seems fine except in my case no touch screen function. The keyboard the power button work. I know this is kind of an old phone at this point, but I purposely recently bought it off eBay for $20, one because it was cheap , and two because it is easily...
  3. G

    Still Usable?

    Hello I am new here and have a question. I have done alot of searching on here and google. Is the Droid 2/R2D2 phones still any good? Or are they too outdated to really be relevant? Thanks in advance.
  4. thenomad

    Root Looking for a custom ROM to unlock my droid 2 global from VZW

    I am not sure if I am going senile but, last time I have been around here, which is more than 6 months ago, there was a thread or subforum dedicated to droid 2 global device and there was instructions to put a custom ROM on it. Due to insufficient free time, 6 months ago, I glanced over and said...
  5. S

    Droid R2D2 - Is SIM card possible?

    I am currently playing with a friend's "R2D2" version of the Droid 2 Verizon phone. I see it has a SIM slot, but that's filled with a black plastic piece with the Motorola logo, that does not easily come out. I'm just wondering if anyone has been able to use a SIM card with this phone, by some...
  6. H

    Cannot use qwerty keyboard

    When I choose the qwerty pull out keyboard it goes dark. What is wrong?
  7. H

    Help making outgoing calls

    I have a Motorola droid 2 A955, when I make outgoing calls a voice comes on to redial the number. Even from my contact list. How do I stop that?
  8. SickRick

    Root The Million Dollar Question

    I got one for you root masters out there I have a piece of S*&! Droid 2 and, I CANNOT [ROOT] MY PHONE!!! Ive tryed every root discovery tool that i can think of i have i dont know how many copies of buisybox etc. i even got the whole SDK download with about 10,000 files on developing Apps...
  9. J

    Copy/Paste on Motorola Droid2???

    I've finally figured out how to Copy/Paste on my (Motorola) Droid--but it seems to have severe restrictions. 1) Selecting text is easy... 2) To copy (or cut) text one must double-press (kinda like double-click but with the finger, leaving the finger down on the second press). This brings...
  10. L

    Motorola service issues

    My 2 year old Droid 2 global won't start up anymore. The start button on top of the phone stopped working. After a lengthy conversation with numerous people at Motorola, I was sent an RMA # and told they could fix it for $108, and return it "within 5 business days". I overnight fedex'd it to...
  11. yourhums

    Change default contacts/calendar app?

    Forgive me if this is a newbie question. I'm planning to root my Mototola Droid 2 (VZW). I use Deja Office but I have problems keeping contacts in sync with the native Android contacts app. I've noticed contacts disappearing from the Android contacts when other contacts are updated in Deja...
  12. C

    Help I have a dead spot on my Droid 2 screen

    I have a dead spot on the bottom right part of my Droid 2 screen. I can't use the a, 123, and menu button. I can flip the on screen keyboard and the dead spot is in the top left corner which is better, but that is annoying. I have tried a factory reset which did nothing. Is there an App I...
  13. J

    Droid 2, virus or ghost?

    I've had my Motorola D2 for a couple of weeks, and all was well up until yesterday. Then, I noticed the battery wouldn't charge beyond 30% - 40%. The battery icon indicates that charging is ongoing, and the battery gets warm. But the status still never shows over 40% charge. After removing and...
  14. unibonger

    Help D2G Random Restarts

    I just recently acquired a D2G, was able to root it using the Framaroot app, installed the bootstrap & CWM, created a NAND backup & then backed up apps using ROMToolbox and proceeded to remove some of Verizon's bloatware. But since then the phone has begun restarting on its own accord...
  15. J

    Unlocking former Verison, going to Straight Talk?

    Hi folks, a friend has a Motorola Droid 2 that had been on a Verison plan. He wants to move it to Straight Talk. Can that be done? and how? Right now, when you turn it on, it asks for activation. Nothing else comes up. Please help!? Thanks Jack
  16. S

    Wallpaper Help

    Hello! I am in need of a good bit of help here. I have had a Motorola Droid 2 Global for some years now, I believe I bought it around Christmas 2010. Anyway, at some point I lost the phone and received a refurbished one via the Asurion Wireless insurance plan that I have with Verizon. Anyway...
  17. W

    draft eMail message location

    When composing or forwarding eMail message, I'm given 3 options: send, save-as-draft, and Discard. It appears that if "save_as_draft" has been specified, then the message is saved on the external data card in the "Messaging" directory. Using a USB cable, the message can be moved from the...
  18. MrsJennyK

    Root Can rooting interfere with phone service?

    I'm moving to Page Plus with 2 phones. One of them is a D2 and will be used only to receive voicemail. I was thinking about playing with rooting on this phone, since I don't need to use it on a day-to-day basis. Could rooting interfere with people's ability to call and leave a voicemail, or with...
  19. K

    Help D2G does not place calls when pushing "dial"

    Hi there, could use a hand with my Droid 2 Global. It doesn't dial. Whether attempting to input a number from the keypad or selecting from a contact or recent call, pushing the green icon for DIAL to start a call does nothing. The green icon flashes to show that it's been depressed, but the...
  20. F

    Droid 2 has red light when battery is in, & won't turn on

    My droid has a continuous red light in the corner, where the notification lights come on. The light is only on when the battery is in, but the phone won't turn on. When I try to turn it on, it just glows darker red. I got some sweat on it, & the screen stopped working(It has happened before...
  21. P

    Root Cyanogenmod 7.2 on Droid 2.3.4 (4.5.621)

    Hello, I am new to these forums and to rooting/installing ROMs. I recently rooted my Droid 2 using "Framaroot, a one-click .apk to root" method. Everything went well, and was very quick. I then installed Titanium Backup to uninstall some Verizon bloatware. I want to install Cyanogenmod 7.2. I...
  22. D

    Help D2G Dialer.apk

    I have the Droid 2 Global. Before tonight, i bought it as a wifi device, like an itouch. i rooted it, and uninstalled many apps i would not need. At the time, i figured i would never use it for a phone. Tonight, my sister broke hers. I needed to give her my spare, so i switched to droid. During...
  23. T

    Droid 2

    Can someone move this to the Droid 2 Section? I'm an idiot and I clicked the wrong sub-forum. I want to get some opinions on what my options are for my Droid 2. This started like 3 years ago when I bought a droid 2 a955 from verizon. After about a month, I lost it and couldn't find it for...
  24. V

    Help Unable to pair ELM327 with Droid 2

    I have a Droid 2 that I would like to use in my car paired to a generic ELM 327 bluetooth OBDII unit. I can pair the ELM327 via bluetooth to my Nexus 7 running 4.2.2 Jellybean. I can pair the ELM327 via bluetooth to my HPtouchpad running CM9 4.0.4 Ice cream sandwich. My Droid 2 running 2.3.4...
  25. I

    Help why won't my computer read my pictures off my phone?

    I have connected my phone to my computer and i will not read the pictures, i have disconnected it and looked at the file type and they are jpg format, i need to upload these pictures to my computer for easier time to upload the pictures online, since i have an app locker on my phone, what should...