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1.6ghz EVO in July...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dajael, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. dajael

    dajael Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I went to setup my swap from the Hero to EVo with my Sprint guy yesterday and this is what he told me. "In July (approx. the first week) the 1.6ghz Snapdragon will be released. I asked him was this rumor or fact and he said FACT. He suggested I wait and that's what I'm doing. (background on my relationship withthis guy) My company has about 150 phones with him and he knows to NEVER give me bad information or he will face the consequences. He has a private phone store (not a regular "Sprint" store). He knows I can EASILY move my business to a "Sprint" store....so for now I believe him.

    He also told me that HTC will have a dual-core EVO out either later this year or early 2011 FWIW.

    I apologize if this info. has already been brought up here before...I'm new here.



  2. avengence

    avengence Member

    Thanks for the info. I had actually never heard this.

    But I plan on getting this phone. I waited a while for this one and held off for it so I plan on getting it. There is always something better just around the corner so at some point you have to jump in and buy something.

    Happens with computer parts all the time like this.
  3. GaryColeman

    GaryColeman Well-Known Member

    That would be sweet. I'm getting the Evo this morning and then I'll hope a dual-core is out by this time next year so I can upgrade. The 1.6 would be tempting but I figure the 1.0 sucks enough juice now. Plus I just can't wait any longer.
  4. 1Paladin

    1Paladin Newbie

    The phone market moves at light speed man. I KNOW there will be an Evo 2 type of phone by this time next year, maybe earlier. I will just upgrade at that time like a lot of people.

    When the Evo 2 with the 1.6 processor, or whatever, is about to come out, the Evo 3's specs will be close to coming out in 6 months after that with the Quad Core, 3Ghz processor and super duper nifty hologram display! i:Di

    I am not going to pass on the Evo waiting on something that "MAY" will come out in 6 months! Hell if you have that attitude you will never get a phone. It is just the way this market works.
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  5. raqball

    raqball Android Enthusiast

    If you keep waiting based on what comes next you will never upgrade... If true, by the time the 1.6 is made available a 2.0 will be rumored.... Lather, rinse, and repeat...
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  6. dajael

    dajael Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I agree about the battery drain with faster processor. I initially told him that I didn't want to wait but when he told me he was 2 to 3 weeks away from getting the EVO (again, he is not a regular Sprint store) I decided to just hold my breath for July.

    I had to ask myself "if he can't even get the 1ghz EVO for several weeks after it's release, then how would he have this kind of "inside info."? But, like I said...I made it VERY clear to him that "IF" I wait for July on HIS reccomendation then I FULLY expect to get the faster phone!

  7. drksilenc

    drksilenc Android Enthusiast

    ... where did he find this bs info at not even qcom has said anything about a stable 1.6 chip. they did say something about a dc 1.3 though but it was just released to vendors last week
  8. phearx

    phearx Member

    So you're believing someone who tells you that within a month sprint will release another EVO after their first, even though they've been working on this phone since 2008? Either you're a very gullible person or you're one to believe that HTC and other companies that make cellphones can start production within a month get FCC approval, along with the long list of other stuff they have to do before actually selling the product? Also you would have me believe you think they're just going to backstab those customers who waited to get an EVO, and now within a month sell a new version causing them to risk not selling as many of this "new phone". But after all that you still believe your friend, then more EVO's for the rest of us.
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  9. cooper1010

    cooper1010 Android Enthusiast

    next month?!?! bull shit!

    a month ago we were complaining that this phone was done and they should just release it. now, there's a phone that's due out in 4 weeks and nobody but you and your buddy has heard of it!?

    too late, troll! we're all on our way out right now to get our apple juicers!
  10. bck9900

    bck9900 Well-Known Member

    I hope your guys right but I think his time frame is off. The snapdragon dual core 1.6 ghz processor was just released for testing last week. processor testing not phone testing.
    They still have to design a phone around this processor. Then test the phone. Then test market. Etc etc. So I would think end of 2011 at the earliest for a dual core phone.
    I'm no expert of course but Sprint is not the nimblest of companies.
  11. Zardos

    Zardos Well-Known Member

    New Evo in a month? Good thing Sprint has a 30 day return policy!

    2 hours till appointment, oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaan.
  12. This may be why the HTC guy told me to wait 90 days before buying. He did say the phone will be "better".
  13. SprintFun

    SprintFun Android Expert

    Considering Qualcomm just started shipping their 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor, I highly highly doubt that anything with a 1.6 GHz Snapdragon is going to come out in 2010. Not to call you out, but.....
  14. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Android Expert

    I think you should wait for the 2ghz in December....woot! :D

    There is a new Evo coming out to Verizon in July "Scorpion" I think it will have a 1.2ghz in it and cost you more $$ a month, but who's counting.
  15. tjwoo

    tjwoo Well-Known Member

    yeah stop. we're not going to see a 1.6 phone in July.
  16. raqball

    raqball Android Enthusiast

  17. Lindseybp

    Lindseybp Well-Known Member

    1.6 in July...no way in heck. The chips just aren't physically even ready, etc., etc.
  18. offtheRIM

    offtheRIM Well-Known Member

    Indeed. I don't know what you guys are thinking but the EVO is Sprints pride and joy. With that being said, they aren't in the midst of a new, better phone anytime soon.

    With that being said, as SprintFun said .. the 1.2Ghz Qualcomm is new, they don't have a 1.6Ghz Processor on the line and shipping out to companies like Samsung, HTC, Dell..etc to use in new, upcoming phones.

    It will take quite some months of testing the processor as just the processor, and then they will send it out to companies who then will take even longer to actually build a phone based on it. In my opinion, you won't be seeing anything faster than the EVO (or anything substantially faster like a new processor) until at least Mid-2011.

    If it was me, I wouldn't hold your breath and wait it out. It will be a terrible mistake if you are gun-hoe on having the best android. If you buy the EVO now, by the time you can upgrade again is probably about the time Sprint will get its next Best Phone.
  19. bck9900

    bck9900 Well-Known Member

    The chips are out...the phones not. But can you imagine in 2011/12 playing with your dual core 1.6 ghz phone?!
  20. dajael

    dajael Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Vicious bunch here...LOL. I was only REPEATING what I was told. He is not a "Friend", he is a vendor. I raised the same BS flag with him you guys are talking about on the horrible marketing aspect of this "IF" they squashed the 1ghz so soon after releasing it. I raised all the valid points you folks are raising...he stood by his statement. Time will tell I suppose...I have already committed (to myself) to pull the plug on my account with him if this ends up being BS. I don't need to risk my work reputation on a vendor that spews BS, so if he is wrong then he loses my 150 phones. That's all there is to it.

  21. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    it is bs.

    haha =)

    exactly. i see a dual core as an upgrade for next year. won't be this year. if you truly believe it's coming next month...then...well i guess i could sell you shit in a box lol

    the 1.3Ghz will be in products by year end.
    dual core 1.5Ghz will be 2011 and is likely what would be in an Evo2
  22. cmanbrazil

    cmanbrazil Well-Known Member

  23. Synthetickiller

    Synthetickiller Well-Known Member

  24. lyons238

    lyons238 Android Enthusiast

    yeah sounds like a load of crap. what sales rep would push a customer away on a sale anyway? they make commission so you can bet your ass there trying to sell you a phone even if the newer model is coming out tomorrow.

    and 1.6ghz processor. i can do without that in my phone. i used to have a 1.6ghz processor and 512mb of ram way back in the day and it worked just fine for me. 1ghz is fine...and that already sucks too much juice.

    good luck chasing technology. playing that game will dig a hole in your pocket.
  25. fiskadoro

    fiskadoro Well-Known Member

    I doubt Sprint would shoot themselves in the foot with a 'better' EVO next month. Next year perhaps. I guess if you keep waiting, you'll never get a new phone.

    Interestingly enough too, there are all manner of technical issues and gremlins that could delay any such advances, so even if faster processors are around, they're going to be tested thoroughly, and I bet if Sprint were to announce an "EVO 2", it'd be at a trade show once the EVO has been shown to be successful and selling!

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