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Root 2.2 Battery Saving tips (Claims over 24 hours)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by smacky, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. smacky

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    Jan 11, 2010

    Jan 11, 2010
    I own a Nexus One (AT&T version), but this setup should work on any Rooted Stock version of 2.2, if you have any issues, feel free to post in the comments and I'll help where I can.
    Battery life has always been an issue on 3G-based phones, they consume a great deal of power, and battery technology just doesn't seem to keep up. With the use of multiple Android applications and configuration, I've been able to extend my battery life well past 24 hours, hopefully this information will be help for others looking to extend their battery life.
    Minimal Interface
    The use of multiple home-screens, endless amounts of widgets, and graphically intensive wallpapers can be a serious strain on your battery life. Configuring a more conservative interface setup can significantly increase battery life and speed up your device.
    Launcher Pro
    Single Home-Screen
    Non-Live Wallpaper
    Added Five Apps Organizer Launches on Dock
    Add Minimalist Widgets (I have Digital Clock and Mini Info)
    Apps Organizer
    Configured Five Labels (categorized frequently used applications)
    Core OS
    Enable Automatic Screen Brightness
    The above ensures we are not wasting precious CPU cycles on wasteful (albeit awesome) unneeded visual effects.
    CPU Throttling
    The CPU by default, as part of the operating system, will slow down when the load is lower. This built-in throttling assists with both power consumption (therefore battery life) and heat. However, the default behavior allows the CPU to be brought up to full speed if the demand so requires, this is not always the best choice. Limiting the max amount of CPU power based on specific criteria can greatly increase battery life.
    setCPU (with the following profiles)
    Battery < 20% (Priority 100) 245 MAX / 245 MIN

    Screen Off (Priority 90) 499 MAX / 245 MIN
    Charging Full (Priority 80) 998 MAX / 245 MIN
    Battery < 50% (Priority 70) 499 MAX / 245 MIN
    Batter < 100% (Priority 60) 998 MAX / 245 MIN
    Note all of the profiles should use "ondemand" scaling. This will still allow the CPU to be altered based on the demand on the system, therefore allowing it to be throttled all the way down to 245. But the max amount of CPU power allowed when the screen is off or your battery is low, will be limited.
    Data Cycling/Throttling
    3G is well known as a power-hog, as such, we can limit the amount of time our phones are using this intensive radio signal. We can have the phone cycle data communications on and off based on both need, timing intervals, and user interaction.
    Schedule: Enable Data/WiFi for 1m every 5m
    Night: Keep Data/WiFi disabled 02:00-05:00
    Battery: Keep Data/WiFi disabled while below 15%
    Traffic: Leave Data/WiFi enabled while >15KB/15s
    Peak: Leave Data/WiFi enabled 16:30>23:30
    Apps: AppBrain, Browser, Gmail, Latitude, Maps, Market, Navigation
    Screen: Leave Data/WiFi enabled while screen unlocked
    The above will cycle data on for 1 minute every 5, ensuring you receive timely items (like emails, etc). However, if a connection lasts longer than 15 seconds or transfers more than 15KB, data will stay enabled until that session is completed. It will also ensure that data is fully on when select applications are requesting it (email, maps/navigation, the browser, or market). In addition, whenever the screen is unlocked the data will be fully enabled (ensuring you have access to anything you wish to use, at full 3G speeds). The Night/Peak settings ensure that we are not wasting data resources on off hours and that we have access during the times were likely to use our phones.
    Airplane Mode Between 0830 and 1630
    Airplane Mode After Battery < 3%
    I have limited service at work, this tends to be the largest strain on my battery. Due to the low signal strength in this old building, my radio is consistently searching, connecting, and more all day, just to keep the smallest amount of connection. This is really bad for battery performance and not overly productive. A few suggestions for those who wish to still be in reach via the cellular, forward calls to your desk number, forward SMS to your Google Voice number (more here), and then check email and SMS via the browser/Google Voice.
    As for the Battery profile, when your battery is around three percent, disabling all data (including voice) means your phone will survive for quite a while (hours possibly). This tends to be much better than dying - you can still add that entry to the calendar, or look up that email from your co-worker. Best of all, you might be able to get a few seconds out to 911, by renabling the radio, which could be a life saver (literally).
    Core OS
    When not in use disable Bluetooth
    When not in use disable WiFi
    I hope this setup has been helpful for those looking to increase their battery life (before needing to run to a charger or bare the roads phoneless). For the record my phone lasts from before 6AM to well past 12-Midnight each day, without going into even the yellow. And this is all with moderate use (phone calls, text messages, email, games, browsing, etc - if I am stream music, videos, etc. I plug in).
    I'd love for others to post their battery saving tips, tricks, and setups below. In addition if you have any suggestions to make the above more useful for new users, let me know.
    NOTE: I am not the developer of any of the mentioned application, nor do I have any involvement with the development of said applications.

    Pulled from: [2.2 Stock Rooted] My Super Battery Saving Setup (Battery Lasts Well Past 24 Hours) : Android


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