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32 gb SDHC kingston problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by soerenruf, May 24, 2011.

  1. soerenruf

    soerenruf Lurker
    Thread Starter

    How can HTC allow hardware like that (wildfire s - my first smartphone) on the market in their brand?

    I am also having big problems with the SDHC card. bought a kingston 32 gb class 4 and i works when i plug it in the phone, but as soon as i have to write data on the card (take a picture, download a program...) it disconnects!? wtf?

    I thought that it was a single fault, so i went to the shop where i got a new phone.. tried to plug in the 32 gb kingston sdhc card, and same procedure (and btw, the phone jack is also loose in the new phone) as soon as i write on the card, it disconnects and the phone says that the card have been removed.

    THen i thought that the fault must be in the card, so i went to the dealer and the dealer gave me a new card....

    and again! same problem! What the duce! (Family guy) Why is it acting like that? it must be programming, because the phone should support the 32 gb sdhc card, and when the card is kingston? bought at a legit retailer in Copenhagen?

    I an soon about to quit an surrendering to the dark side (apple) - where things seem to be working without the constant need for fiddeling

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  2. sweeds

    sweeds Well-Known Member

    I bought a fraudulent 32Gb Kingston micro SDHC card on eBay. The seller was unaware and gave a full refund. It had real packaging, a serial number enscribed on the back of the card, and a hack placed on the SD card to make the OS believe that it was ~29Gb large when really it was only ~1Gb.

    Run a program called h2testw (google it) which should validate if the SD card is legitimate.
  3. KazWfS1

    KazWfS1 Newbie

    You need to use a Sandisk 32 gb (class2 ) I have it on good authority from HTC they only recommend using these hope this helps Amazon are the cheapest
  4. Aero-Z

    Aero-Z Newbie

    I had those same problems with 16GB Class 4 Kingston card and I just bought a 8GB Class 10 Patriot card. All working fine now.

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