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[5.1.1]XenonHD For LG Leon C50/H345 on T-Mobile and Walmart Family Mobile

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TMacgnolia, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. TMacgnolia

    TMacgnolia Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Neither I or Team Horizion are responsible for any harm that installing this ROM or recovery may cause. You are responsible for your device and control what you do with it

    I have a device to test withagain so I have picked back up support for this device.
    As far as I know this build should work on the T-Mobile and Walmart Family Mobile LG Leon.


    XenonHD is a custom firmware aka ROM for various Android devices. It is built from Android Open Source Project (AOSP) with additional features, performance and battery life improvements.

    The idea behind XenonHD is to give users a ROM that is "blazing fast, rock stable and buttery smooth".

    Base : Lollipop 5.1.1_r13 : FULL AOSP BASE FROM SOURCE.
    It's Rockstable,Blazing fast.
    and now Buttery Smooth too!

    Thanks to:
    Team Regular
    And all of Team Horizon

    Team Horizon Github

    Kernel Source

    All device tree repos can be found on my github.

    Official XenonHD Site

    Join our community on Google+

    Donate by buying one of these apps from Play Store.

    Please read this before asking dumb questions again and again.


    Clean wipe is recommended!!

    T-Mobile & Wamart Family Mobile


    Metro PCS

    Use this TWRP to install and change APN"s for data.
    Thanks to @antonioblee1


    Because the TWRP recovery by Team Regular did not work for me I had to build my own TWRP.
    If this build will not install with Team Regular's TWRP then install this one.

    TWRP Recovery
    md5: 8ba5681db9f9b627c2f096a004d989ca


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  2. ninjasinabag

    ninjasinabag Android Enthusiast

    Doesn't flash with blue twrp.
    The recovery you built isn't properly configured, it does not read the filesystem (at all) and may lead to a small panic attack for other users if they accidentally try and flash your ROM on it.
    Gonna try the OG twrp from the team win website and see how it goes.
  3. TMacgnolia

    TMacgnolia Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I flashed this build several times as well as flashed the CM build for Leon that is posted here with the recovery I have posted. The file system error you are getting is the reason I had to build my own TWRP cause any other version gave that error when I used it. How did you install recovery? If you used flashify, the TWRP app, or any other similar app it is possible you choose the wrong recovery.img file on accident. Not saying this happen just saying it is possible. If no one can get it to install then I will remove the thread. From the work I did with it the Leon is a weird device.
  4. ninjasinabag

    ninjasinabag Android Enthusiast

    First time through, I flashed using the image flasher built into twrp. Second time I used Rashr to pretty bad effect. I'm gonna use flasher next since that's my last option.

    I know I didn't use the wrong recovery, I like to keep files like that sorted to avoid these circumstances.

    I tried your recovery again using flashify to the same effect. The recovery can't find the proper partitions and it lists a boatload errors (ext4 64) I'll take a photo on my next attempt.
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  5. ninjasinabag

    ninjasinabag Android Enthusiast

    The first one is the main text screen before flashing. Error city.
    The second is the wipe data screen and the last one is from the file browser.

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  6. TMacgnolia

    TMacgnolia Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok let me do this. I still have my Leon and it will boot up but the screen is cracked and the digitizer is broken. But it still has the recovery on it. So just in case this is not the same recovery on it. I will have to charge it some and see if I can get it to boot and try to pull the recovery img from it. I will post it here if I can get it. If not I will post back saying so and ask for the thread to be removed.
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  7. ninjasinabag

    ninjasinabag Android Enthusiast

    If you can get the image up, I'll be more than happy to test. It's rare when content comes along for the Leon, so it's a big deal if this works.
    Thanks for bringing your work into the fold at any rate.
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  8. TMacgnolia

    TMacgnolia Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok I unfortunately could not use ADB to dump the recovery.img. I must have had the device in MTP and note PTP cause ADB does not recognize the device and I used the same Chromebook I used to do my development work for Leon on. So I know it is not a RSA key issue. And as everyone here probably knows the device has to be in PTP for ADB to work(thanks LG). But since it is in MTP I can access the files on the internal storage. I pulled the recovery.img I had in a folder named my_built_recovery and the last XenonHd zip I had on the device and put them in a folder on my Google Drive named Leon. I think the zip is the same as what I already have linked as the date is the same but you can download the folder and see if that works. I also found another recovery.img on the internal storage but I think it is not the right one. I uploaded it anyway to a folder on my Google Drive named Leon_2 you can give it a try too if you like. Let me know what happens.

    Also I can not boot to recovery manually because of the stupid wipe screen that LG puts on their devices(again thanks LG). If I could get to recovery I could use ADB on the device.
  9. ninjasinabag

    ninjasinabag Android Enthusiast

    If you have a custom recovery installed, the wipe screen means nothing. It did the same thing on the LG motion, clicking yes leads automatically to the custom recovery. I'll test them out now.
  10. TMacgnolia

    TMacgnolia Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    My screen is cracked and the digitizer is brokin so I can not click Yes on the screen to get to recovery.

    Edit I forgot you use the volume buttons and power button on the wipe screen for recovery. I am in recovedry and going to try to pull the recovery.img
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  11. ninjasinabag

    ninjasinabag Android Enthusiast

    Alright, buddy. The recovery works without issue now. Looking it over, the new recovery from your files is 24 megabytes compared to the one originally posted had a file size of 11 megs.
    The recovery is perfect and even flashes the cm12 I normally have installed.
    Tried flashing your rom and got stuck with an error in the update binary. (Most likely on my end since the cm12 is built for the ms345 instead of the h345)

    I'll make some changes on my end and give you an update.
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  12. ninjasinabag

    ninjasinabag Android Enthusiast

    I also noticed this.
    The h345 marked version has a file size that makes sense. The C50 version is 12 megs.

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  13. TMacgnolia

    TMacgnolia Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Cool glad that is the right recovery. I did get the recovery pulled from my device though so I had a option B lol. I will change the link in the op to that recovery.img. Tthe h345 zip is the one you need. You may need to go in and change the h345 in the name to c50 and you may need to go into the zip and change h345 to c50 also anywhere you see it in the updater script. I remember having to do that or it would not install in recovery. Let me know if that is so and I will make the changes in the zip and reupload it then change the link in the OP.
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  14. NGD1

    NGD1 Android Expert

    Awesome a new ROM
    Hey, any way I could get one of you to tweak the updater script? Maybe make this work with the metro variant?
    I'd try but work demands my attention lol
  15. antonioblee1

    antonioblee1 Android Enthusiast

    Should try to make this work on the ms345. I'll test it and everything
  16. antonioblee1

    antonioblee1 Android Enthusiast

    I got it to boot on metro ms345 if anyone wants link ill send it to them.
    got layers to work also just uninstall one that's stock from system/app and replace with one in playstore
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  17. jplsteel

    jplsteel Android Enthusiast

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  18. ninjasinabag

    ninjasinabag Android Enthusiast

    A link to the modded rom would be awesome.

    I've been trying everything to get the rom running and the updater script made it impossible without a computer. Used a previous backup from the stock rom and was able to flash without issue.
    I'm gonna make some changes to the cm12.1 rom to make it easier for us to flash your rom over it.
    I'll post in the original cm12 thread after I manage to debug.
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  19. @antonioblee1 Can you send me a link also? I really want to try this out.
  20. ninjasinabag

    ninjasinabag Android Enthusiast

    Don't forget to throw some thanks towards the creator. We wouldn't be here scrambling if it wasn't for him.
  21. NGD1

    NGD1 Android Expert

    The drivers and radios working fine? Can hotspot GPS etc?
    I'll take a link as well.
  22. NGD1

    NGD1 Android Expert

    And yes thank you all mighty xenon porter!
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  23. antonioblee1

    antonioblee1 Android Enthusiast

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  24. antonioblee1

    antonioblee1 Android Enthusiast

    Some settings for nav bar are buggy and cause system ui force close if not careful so make a backup lol. camera also doesn't work
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  25. ninjasinabag

    ninjasinabag Android Enthusiast

    There's a lock on the CPU. It seems to be stuck at max.
    When trying to apply a patch script, I get a permission denied response.

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