Accessing fixittt toolkit

Terri gee

Help......pretty please?

Had iPhone 5s years and broke. I replaced it at bb with moto g5 +.
Actually? Love it!

However, however, contacts on iPhone sim card transferred to moto g5 contacts. Then I set up my yahoo email and when synced, contact file lost all my cell phone iPhone sim contacts and basically, overwritten by only yahoo email contacts instead!

Nightmare! Can't seem to undo. Why can't I pick and choose what gets synced and what doesn't. Moto toolkit icon does not open. Soooo I deleted yahoo acct from cell, and knowwww have no contacts at all! I finally navigated to sim card info, and it says sim card empty. Can't be.

Helpppppp! This non savvy 60yo completely at a loss. With thanks