Add feedback to my calls?


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Ok, I'm working from home. My kids are home now too. Sometimes they get loud. I was using aftershocks for phone calls. Those don't block your ears at all. But, with the occasional noise that distracts me, I bought over the ear muff headset so I can block noises that distract me. But the problem I can't hear myself at all when calling. I read a while back that home phones have a way that make it so you hear yourself a little bit so you're not so loud talking. With the aftershocks, I could hear myself talking so it was fine that the feedback wasn't there. But now I can't hear myself talking (or very faintly) which makes talking very unnatural. Is there a way to turn some feedback on so when I talk, I can hear myself a little bit?


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I really don't know how to get what you are asking for, but I do think that I know the term that you desire.

Feedback is not what you want.
That is known as 'howlround', and is an unpleasant sound produced when speakers pick up microphone signals multiple times.
Usually a loud, high pitched squeal, but can occur at any frequency.

What you want is called talkback.
Talkback allows you to hear yourself through the speaker(s) you are listening to.
This is, or used to be, a common addition to a CB rig.

I am sorry that I can't help more, but at least you know what to ask for.


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
well i have the samsung buds pro and they have active noise cancelling and with a single tap i can turn it on or off. it has 4 different ambient modes which can allow natural sounds to come thru depending on which mode you are on. i never had any issues using it to make phone calls and be able to hear myself talk.

so i think that there is no setting that can perform what you want. it is all in the technology, so you may have to find headphones or ear buds that work they way you want.