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AddressBook for Android 2: Merging Contacts, with Social Networking

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by bearsfan85, Jun 16, 2010.

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    Feb 23, 2010
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    With an easy to use interface, a sleek dialer and "Mixins" Addressbook is easy to use. You can merge your contacts with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, along with the yellow pages. With this you get updates from these sites and also merge pictures. While this application is lacking the speed dial function there are 2 options to combat that. You can install the SpeedDialer Widget and place it right on the home scree, Second is their use of favorites where you can store your most called contacts alphabetically, and also see your recent contacts. Also displays your call and text history, until deleted. And the nice thing about this app is you don't need to go to the edit screen to view a number, thus you can Quickly snag a number to give a friend without multiple steps.


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