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adult party games

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by jleejordan, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. jleejordan

    Thread Starter

    we have spin the bottle and truth or dare, but let's face it .... we want more.

    spin the bottle : make one that tells you what to do, not just 3rd grade kissing. kinda like truth or dare, but just dares. also it needs levels of "adultness". tame, adventurous, wild, and pornstar. well, you get it

    truth or dare: there are a few that are ok, but some of us want it wilder. you get the idea.

    the adult dice game i found was lame. someone please make a better one.

    someone needs to make a games that keep score. it doesn't matter what the game is really, but have a system in which a certain amount of points earn you certain "rewards".

    timed games: roll the dice, pick a card, whatever and do what it says for that amount of time. the app could have an in game alarm/timer

    it would be awesome to have a multi-game app. i have the spin the bottle/truth or dare, but let's get more!!!!!! i know i'm not the only person that get a kick out of these things.

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