Root All I want is me please

I want to get android 2.2 on my devour (apparently "froyo").

When I bought the phone I looked all around trying to figure it out but read the top version was 1.6 and gave up.

But I have new hopes now because I saw an article in a linux magazine that said you can upgrade all the phones basically (extremely lame and un-informative article). I read around and this is what it seems to be now:

I have to root my phone (basically jailbreak?) and then put a zip file with the "ROM" (OS?) and do some command line reboot stuff to install it. It also seems that I have to wipe the old stuff and if it doesn't work I broke my phone. I've heard of backing up the original but how does that work?

Seems that there is controversy over whether this can be done. Is that true or what?

Any help is apreciated. I'm a 16 year old semi-noob but my father is a web/app designer so I expect he will help me. I pay for my own phone though so can't afford to break it ::D


You want to gain "root" to allow admin control of your phone. Then you need to have a phone other than a Devour, as there are no replacement OSs, or ROMs for the devour. Sure you can get root, but with nothing to replace the stock OS with, you are stuck. Read more about root at XDA (google it).
Boot to recovery
select zip file for the ROM you want
"flash" it
reboot to new ROM with updated froyo version


Correct. I have not been able to find a devour ROM. Take it back if it is not too old and swap for HTC or LG. My daughter has LG Ally which has physical keyboard.