Am I crazy to not get a case or screen protector


I haven't used a touch screen device since the Good `ol days of the Palm Tungsten series...

If I get the EVO I would plan on NOT getting any type of case or screen protector. Am I crazy or should this thing hold up pretty well in my front pants pocket? (Obviously no spate change or keys in the same pocket.)


i will be rolling naked as well... a few nicks and scratches are worth not having bulk in pocket to me. I've gone naked with every phone i've had... no big deal.


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theres really no reason not to have atleast a screen protector. if you consider 'bulk" to be about as thin as a piece of paper then... other then that why not keep resale value up and a beautiful VIEWABLE screen. these things are NOT bulletproof.
You'll want to buy the rust protection, because these babies will rust up on you like that!


You're not crazy.

The screen protectors don't add bulk, but when you have a nice glass screen, they really take away from the nice feeling of using the device "naked." I've tried both Zagg's (which I hated because of the textured feeling and the "orange peel" appearance), and Bodyguardz, and they both feel crappy when compared to the glass. Plus, there always appears to be some streaking effect with the protectors, even if you don't get anything stuck underneath them.

The glass screens are incredibly durable, so I'll probably go naked, however, they can be scratched. I got a tiny scratch on my Moto Droid and I'm extremely careful with it. I have no idea how I did it, but I will say this - in my opinion, if you're careful with your phone, the benefits of going naked are worth it.


Don't think you're crazy but remember that the lens for the camera on the back isn't flush against the back of the phone, so it may get scratched. Just something to think about.


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I always get at least a screen protector. I like phone condoms as well.

Tapatalk. Samsung Moment. Yep.


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Wow thanks so much for all the replies. I think I'll go without a case or screen protection. Good point about the lens of the camera being flush with the case, I remember seeing that on the Endadget review. I have a feeling that when the phone is not in my pocket I'll tend to use the kickstand to keep it propped up.

All the videos make it seem like the 'Sense UI' home screen with the time and weather only works in portrait mode. Is that correct or will it flip to landscape mode, too?