Nov 7, 2009
Sometimes I keep on hitting a call out to someone and I have a freak out session and put the phone call in the background. I thought of putting this into the app section but since I believe the droid the main athlete who needs this app. Anybody willing to put one on?
Simple idea, have this kill all/single phone with a slight tap of the icon on the background.
So basically you want a widget the kills all phone calls? If so i think that's a pretty good idea. I moved it to the apps because, this applies to all 2.0 phones and maybe the older firmware i dont really know.
Well I figure with phones with the end button they really don't need it. But phones likes the droid that does not have that feature NEEDS IT!
you can go back to your call and end from any screen.
At the top of the droid screen (where the time is) click and drag that down you will see your call in that drop down menu, click on that and then hit "end"
About as fast as it would take to click "home" find your widget and then click "end"
Not affective as I want it to be, If I'm running a lot of programs in the background it lags down the drag function, where a button to end the call would be more affective.