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Android vs iPhone argument. Rated R

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ksc6000, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. ksc6000

    ksc6000 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This is an argument which I'm having with my friend's friend, and I got a little too personal in it....I don't know what came over me.

    friend: iphone4....All other phones will be rendered obsolete.

    me: Lol can you view all websites with full flash? Nope. I can watch hulu, thedailyshow, play bejeweled or mindjolt games on facebook, any website with flash works flawlessly. IPhone will never be able to do that. Can you put music on, videos on the iPhone without having to use iTunes? Nope. I use my phone like a USB stick, I can take off/put on content as much as I want, whenever I want without using the piece of shit iTunes, one of the worst software ever coded. Can you put custom operating systems on your phone? Nope. Video calling on iPhone works only on iPhone to iPhone, and only on wifi? We can do it from any device to any device, and on 3g. Can you play all your Sega Genesis and super Nintendo games free, using an emulator without jailbreaking the iPhone? Sorry, nope. And you guys are FINALLY getting the option to put apps in folders, and getting pseudo multitasking? Welcome to 2005. Can you do turn by turn navigation for free? We can on android. And don't be confused by apple. 4g for the iPhone simply means 4th generation, not 4g speeds. Only sprint has 4G (wimax) speeds at the moment and only the Evo. 4G running android has 4G capability. When Att finally gets 4g data in place, the iPhone 4 wont be able to use it anyway, you'll have to wait till iPhone 5. See how apple is always behind? What's been the new innovation in iPhone 4? iAds. Ummm, if I pay for an app I shouldn't have to watch any ads!! This is innovation? No, its annoyance. Apple counts on people not knowing what other phones can do so they can sell a crippled operating system and crippled phone in shiny package (which looks uuuugly! compared to my Nexus one) because apple buyers r sheep. Don't be a sheep. Come over to the Android side. You'll feel much better.

    No you can't view flash on iPhone because Flash is CRAPPY. Flash is what causes crashes, and just look at flash on his EVO 4g...it will be choppy and never smooth. Flash is a terrible platform that will be phased out eventually, Apple uses html5 and that is the future. Hulu doesn't work on mobile phones ... See Moreeven if they have Flash. iPhone can't be used as a usb because it's a closed system, they ensure that everything that is allowed in the system works perfectly. Android phones is an open system to anyone can develops apps, you can put whatever OS you want on it, you can put musci from anywhere. The problem with that is...if you can do anything you want to it and anyone can make anything for it, then you also have a lot of opportunities to screw it up. You can get viruses, put OS's that aren't compatible with the hardware, etc etc. And HTC makes that phone, HTC is terrible at making the hardware. There is no synchronization between hardware and software. I don't need to play sega genesis games because those are not optimized for a phone and the gameplay experience will be terrible. Games on the iphone are much more refined because they are developed specifically for use on the iphone. The video calling that you can do on the EVO will pale in comparison to the quality you get on iphone, and don't forget there is skype in the app store
    so it's not just an iphone to iphone thing.

    ATT network is pretty crappy, but that's the network's issue. I was talking about the phone. Android is all about numbers, and it wins in numbers. But when it comes to user experience and how well things actually work, the iPhone is far ahead of the competition. Apple has already made microsoft history, and when it comes to the phone market android will always be below it or just disappear eventually. Speaking of the Nexus one, look it up...it's discontinued because they were having so many issues with it.

    Me: You're wrong on all counts.

    I am watching the show Archer on hulu.com RIGHT NOW on my phone. You just tell the browser to register itself as a desktop browser, and voila. How hard is that?

    Flash is crappy? EVERY website in the world practically uses flash. So while I'm watching videos and playing flash games and shit on every website, you can just sit back and say flash sucks while you browse the web with your crippled iphone browser....
    and here's PROOF of how well flash (beta) works on my nexus one: YouTube - Flash Player on Mobile Devices --- and it's still beta, and not even hardware accelerated! So it's only gonna improve from here. Oh and guess what, my browser is HTML5 capable too. HTML5 and Flash. So I'm not limited, unlike you.

    "Android phones is an open system...The problem with that is...you have a lot of opportunities to screw it up." So basically its better to have a closed system because you may be an idiot and screw your phone up? Um, okay..why don't you just get a bicycle with training wheels, in case you fall? When you walk from your front door to your mailbox, make sure to have helmets and knee pads on because you're the kinda idiot most likely to fall on your face. What an idiotic argument. I want to be able to mess with my phone as much as I ****in want. It's MY phone. I love the fact that I can put on music/video from anywhere, apps from anywhere, different operating systems with mods and hacks, I like to be able to mess with the internal clock speed and make this fast ass phone even faster, because I'm smart enough to know what I'm doing, and if I screw up my phone, it's my responsibility...but I guess it makes sense that Apple users are not smart enough to be allowed to tinker with their devices. Afterall, how can they be? They actually paid real money for that shit. Proof enough iPhone users have no brain.

    "I don't need to play sega genesis games because those are not optimized for a phone and the gameplay experience will be terrible." The genesis/snes/nes emulation runs PERFECT, obviously you've never seen it. It runs FLAWLESSLY. Maybe the iPhone isn't powerful enough to run 16 and 8 bit game emulation perfectly, but my Nexus One certainly is.

    "And HTC makes that phone, HTC is terrible at making the hardware. There is no synchronization between hardware and software." - That is the dumbest shit I've heard this year.

    "and don't forget there is skype in the app store so it's not just an iphone to iphone thing." Yes, the native app IS iphone to iphone, and ONLY on wifi. If you wanna talk 3rd party apps, we have those too, fring qik, and skype is already on the droid incredible, so it's a matter of time before it's on EVO.

    "Speaking of the Nexus one, look it up...it's discontinued because they were having so many issues with it." Um no, it's not discontinued, they're going to move to a traditional retail model because selling something online only without letting people touch and use it didn't turn out to be the best tactic.

    "Apple has already made microsoft history" lol what? Just because their stock price is higher? Last I checked 9 out of 10 computers use Windows.

    iPhone 1 was an innovative (albeit lacking) phone, but now the iphone and its idiotic OS are just playing catch up to Android's new phones, and it doesn't look like they will. Good luck with the next iPhone, you've already lost with this one.

    So keep using your baby proof Tyco kids toy phone which doesn't let you do shit with it, watching iAds that you're gonna be forced to watch even in PAID apps, while I use my superior device the way a SMART phone is meant to be used.

    And I still think not having to be forced to use that bitch ass of a program called iTunes is ENOUGH of a reason to stay away from iPhone.

    friend:That hulu is not the full hulu you are running. And the point is the phone is not meant to play Hulu. You have to clear the cache often, and there will be a lot of errors and glitches, for example you can't hit back when you are watching hulu. You lose a lot of functionality. It is a bit choppy and you cannot get away from it. Also if you do ... See Morefull screen it messes up the frame rate. Like I mentioned, it is not optimized to play on that phone thus the experience of watching it will be not as be good as a desktop. Plus you have to do work to make stuff like hulu play. With iPhone, anything that it claims it can do it does with ease and simplicity. People don't want to do a whole lot of extra work just to get simple things to work..that is why Apple's stocks have sky rocketed and why apple is taking over.

    Yes everyone uses flash because that's what was out first. That does not mean it is the most efficient platform for animations and websites. I had a flash website and I have played around with Flash programming. It is terrible, just to make minor tweaks you have to do a lot of work. Flash was made for PCs in the windows era. The mobile era is about touch interfaces, low power devices, and open web standards- all of which flash falls short in. Apple's mobile devices have the richest media experience and this just demonstrates that Flash is no longer necessary to watch video or animations. The 200,000+ apps on Apple's App Store proves that Flash isn't necessary for tens of thousands of developers to create graphically rich applications, including games. iPhone has more games and graphic intensive applications right now than android will have in the next few years and none of them use flash. HTML5, will win on mobile devices. I'm sure adobe will soon focus on creating great HTML5 tools for the future, and leave flash behind.

    You can mess with your phone all you want to make it work. Myself and most other consumers want their phones to work without additional tweaks and hacks, and frankly I'd rather do other things and mod my phone to make it work the way I want it too. You can hack and tweak your phone for ages, but whatever you do can't compare with the out of the box performance of the iPhone. I'm sure after all your mods, hacks, and tweaks the iPhone will still run faster, smoother and will provide a much better user experience (and they already demonstrated this with the iPhone 3gs, not even the iPhone 4). I think the top engineers in the world that developed the hardware and OS on the iPhone know how to optimize that phone out of the box better than you will with your hacks and mods on the android system. I'll leave it to them to make it work for me out of the box, while you can fiddle around with the android until you get it to do what you want it to do. So have fun messing with the internal clock speed, doing hacks and what not, while we all use our iPhone to do what we want it to do.

    And the nexus one IS DONE. That's from google themselves, they stopped making that particular phone. Look it up, and they said they are not even sure if they will ever follow up with a successor to nexus one because the sales were so terrible. For engadget..."The Google Phone is dead, people -- long live the Google Phone." And google said something along those lines as well. I never said the software android was discontinued, I said nexus one was which is 100% the case.

    Apple has made Microsoft history. Their stocks are higher and the growth is far more than microsoft...and microsoft is declining. Yes most computers are PCs, because apple is new. When windows came out and that was the best thing everyone went with that and now most businesses are based off windows. Soon that trend will change, the only thing that will hold them back possibly is cost. But it is clear that apple has the superior OS and hardware. 9 out of 10 computers use windows...possibly, but it takes time for the switch to happen when big companies and hospitals are already based on windows. Take UM hospital for example, people in charge of informatics there would love to switch to apple but their whole system is already based on windows and to make the switch is a huge cost and would have to change their entire system. Clearly they know that the apple OS is far better, they are just stuck for now because the change would require too much.

    iAds is pretty annoying, but in the long run it's what lets us get apps for cheap since the developers are getting paid because of iAds. Take the game doodle jump, 3.99 on android market...in app store, .99 and works a lot better on iphone since that's what it was originally developed for. So in the end, iAds save me money.

    iTunes really is not that complicated, they made it idiot proof. Another reason apple sells so much, it's idiot proof. You really have to be computer illiterate to not make things like iTunes work for you.

    All that being said, you can take your nexus one and put it next to an iPhone 4. Give those two to anyone and I am certain just the display alone will make people never want to look at any other phone again. And the display is a big part of the experience, everything you do depends on the vibrance and sharpness of the display. Even the 3Gs display was better than nexus one, and EVO 4g etc despite having less pixels...because apple uses different technology. I'm not even going to compare the display of the iPhone 4 with any other phone because that's just over kill. Same thing with touch screen technology...no other phone will ever match the fluidity because apple uses completely different technology for touch screen.

    You can give any reason you want to justify the money you spent on your nexus one, but fact is it cannot compare to the thought and innovation that went into the iPhone to provide an unmatched user experience. True AT&T isn't the best and the plan costs more than other carriers. Certainly if I was on sprint or verizon and stuck, and iPhone didn't exist I would be happy with my android phones. But if someone is willing to pay for the plan and to put up with AT&T, then there is no better phone than the iPhone. Not even close. You're just one person claiming the nexus one is better. We'll let the sales, the users, and the reviewers further confirm how far ahead the iphone 4 is compared to android phones. And you should form your opinion after trying both. I have had both, 3Gs and android....and even the 3Gs pulls out ahead. So I know the iPhone 4 will be far far ahead.

    me:You are such an idiot it's best if you save the rest of us oxygen by holding your breath indefinitely.

    "That hulu is not the full hulu you are running",

    What the ****? It is the DESKTOP version of the site, not a mobile version. So what the hell do you mean not the full hulu? And the flash on my phone isn't HARDWARE accelerated yet, it's still BETA. I wonder if a computer illiterate moron like you even knows what that means. IT IS BETA. I doubt you've coded anything in your life since you don't even understand what beta or hardware acceleration mean.

    And lets say that even after it is hardware accelerated that it's not as good as the desktop version. At least I can view it if I choose to. I have CHOICE. You do not. You can't view it no matter what. I can.

    "People don't want to do a whole lot of extra work just to get simple things to work."

    But people WANT things to work, like flash, and guess what, flash doesn't work on Apple, no matter HOW hard you try. You lose.

    "You can mess with your phone all you want to make it work. Myself and most other consumers want their phones to work without additional tweaks and hacks"

    I have never once cleared the cache of the browser on my phone. I have no glitches, no hang ups, nothing of the sort, my phone runs super smooth and it's without ANY tweaks at the moment....and I have the CHOICE of tweaking it if I find something I want to improve, or if a developer adds a cool feature to a custom OS, whereas you're stuck.

    Stop making shit up when it's obvious you've never used the phone, or have probably used a low end android phone like a G1 or something. Everything works on my phone, ALWAYS.

    You have this idiotic assumption that any phone but the iphone freezes and has glitches, and doesn't do what we want it to do? Where do you get off? You are the biggest apple sheep I've met in a long time. Just because your god Steve Jobs tells you that no other phones work except the iPhone, that doesn't mean shit.

    I'll tell you what doesn't work on your phone that works on high end android devices:

    1) Flash support - try to downplay the importance of it as much as you want, but people want it.
    2) Free GPS turn by turn navigation from Google. Enjoy paying 70 dollars or whatever for your garmin app.
    3) USB mass storage - I can use my phone as a hard drive, and put on files and take off files as I please. No need for itunes, no need for jailbreaking.
    4) 4G data speeds.

    Now lets see what works on the iPhone but doesn't work on my Nexus, or the Incredible or Evo.


    Read loud and clear and try to get this through your thick head: MY ANDROID PHONE WORKS PERFECTLY AND FLAWLESSLY AT ALL TIMES WITHOUT GIVING ME ANY PROBLEMS, IT WORKS SUPER SMOOTH OUT OF THE BOX, AND IS ***MORE*** CAPABLE THAN THE IPHONE. Get it? Or was that not simple enough for you?

    And since you have amnesia, we already have HTML5 on our phones!! So we have the choice of flash and HTML5. Do you? No. You lose.

    "Yes most computers are PCs, because apple is new."

    Are you mentally ******ed or just prefer to be willfully ignorant? In 1984, Apple next launched the Macintosh. Windows 1.0 was not released until November 1985. How the hell is Apple new?? And if you wanna know history, which you clearly don't, Apple stole the GUI idea from Xerox, then Microsoft stole it and made it better, and then Apple tried to sue Microsoft for stealing what they themselves stole! Obviously the case didn't go very far because you can't say "hey we stole it first, so it's ours." That's the kinda shit company Apple is.

    "I never said the software android was discontinued, I said nexus one was which is 100% the case."

    Friday, May 14 Google Inc. announced that it will close its online store which was established to market its Nexus One phone, but now the Internet giant is opting to shift to traditional retail outlets to sell its product.

    Why don't you try reading the story BEYOND just the headlines for a change? Or does that require too much attention span for the average iPhone user like yourself?

    "iTunes really is not that complicated, they made it idiot proof. Another reason apple sells so much, it's idiot proof. You really have to be computer illiterate to not make things like iTunes work for you."

    iTunes is not difficult to use but it is a completely unnecessary bloatware that I should NEVER be forced to install on my computer or to use. You are forced on the other hand. I want to have my phone behave as a secondary drive, not have to use some bloatware to do SIMPLE things like putting music on my phone. So who has to work harder to get shit to work on their phone? You or me?

    " Even the 3Gs display was better than nexus one."

    Here again you prove that you're such a moron, that you're most likely confusing the G1 with the Nexus One. Get your head out of your ass. Look at ANY review online of the Nexus One vs the iPhone, and they'll all tell you how much sharper and more vibrant the screen is on the nexus. After using my Nexus, and trying to read on the iphone 3Gs makes me want to rub my eyes because I feel my vision is blurred. Absolutely idiotic statement, and proof you have no clue what you're talking about. The iPhone 4 will have a higher resolution than the Nexus One, but at 3.5 inches I think you'll be hard pressed to tell the difference between 960x640 and 800x400. There's a certain point when your eyes can't tell the difference between pixels, and the Nexus already reached it. What Apple is counting on is idiots like you who've never used a high end Android like the Nexus one or HTC Droid Incredible, to simply compare how it looks to the 3Gs and of course it will look better so you'll think "wow, now THIS is the greatest screen ever, as my 3GS was until this very moment."

    "Same thing with touch screen technology...no other phone will ever match the fluidity because apple uses completely different technology for touch screen."

    Here you go making shit up again. What touch screen fluidity issues do the Droid Incredible or EVO have? Where's your proof? None. Now I'm not gonna just make shit up and say that the iPhone's touch screen sensor is worse, because it's not true. You on the other hand keep making unsubstantiated claims, proving you are talking out of your ass. You lose.

    " there is no better phone than the iPhone. Not even close. You're just one person claiming the nexus one is better. We'll let the sales, the users, and the reviewers further confirm how far ahead the iphone 4 is compared to android phones."

    According to that logic, Bad Boys II is a better movie than the Shawshank Redemption because the former made 262 million, and the latter only made 60. Just because most people are sheep and shell out money due to heavy advertising and marketing doesn't mean the product they are getting is superior.

    There is only ONE thing I like about the iPhone compared to my nexus, and that is video recording quality. I'll give you that. So if that is super important to you, go get the iPhone and waste your money.

    On every other front, there is no way in HELL I'd pay good money for a crippled, locked down phone. Besides the video recording quality, there is not a single reason to get an iPhone over a high end Android device.

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  2. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Android Expert

    Anyone have the cliffnotes for this post?

    Android rules.
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  3. RiChDAiLLesT1

    RiChDAiLLesT1 Newbie

    point and match good work ksc6000, i agree iphone is crap, steve jobs is a greedy jerk with every new iphone he takes baby steps to get the customers money. it took them 4 phones to finally get a flash with 5mp camera, and the capability to run multiple apps. what a joke. I just wish the htc incredible harnessed the iphone4's battery, thats all i'm envious about. lol
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  4. mkeath

    mkeath Well-Known Member

    Imagine any Apple vs. any-competing-major-company argument ever. Long, drawn-out, and dumb in every way possible. Btw op you're dumb for starting the argument. Just let fanboys be fanboys and be done with it.
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  5. RiChDAiLLesT1

    RiChDAiLLesT1 Newbie

    oh btw this convo is totally hilarious the friend is a total numbnut ahaha!
  6. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday

    Holy crap. Cliffnotes please!
  7. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Android Expert

    In that video, is that the 2.2 beta with the full 10.1 flash stuff running? That looks pretty cool! Wish I had the full thing instead of Flashlite on my Evo, oh well. Root ahoy!
  8. caustic

    caustic Guest

    Just to say I love my Droid, but I don't think the iphone is all crap. I think a lot of this stuff is nitpicking. A lot of smart phones still don't have a camera flash. It took Android a while to get multi touch up and running, actually turn it on, and it still isn't super great. Apple has some good ideas, people like them, others follow suit. Google has some good ideas with Android, people like them, and Apple follow suit.

    I've never heard of Apple having trouble with fragmentation, or apps disappearing from the market, or apps that don't work on certain phones... yadda yadda. I think it's really cool what Android is becoming, and I bet once we get around to version 3.0 it's going to be amazing, but to some people it's not a feature to have to hack the phone to make multi touch work. I've had a lot of fun learning about rooting and ROMs and all that, but I'm a programmer, and I know a lot of people want something that seems perfect right out of the box, not once you've chopped it around and applied themes and what not.

    In the end, gasp, you're both right.
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  9. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    Agreed! tl;dr
  10. caustic

    caustic Guest

    Short version:

    1: My phone is better than yours

    2: No it isn't, mine is

    1: Don't be silly, mine obviously is the best

    2: You're totally wrong, mine is totally better
  11. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    Lol! Thanks!!! :D
  12. kbCorruption

    kbCorruption Lurker

    Apple has some of the most annoying fanboys on the planet. Well done, but somehow I doubt you got through to him at all. I just opt not to bother with people like that.
  13. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Android Expert

    Apple has made Microsoft history

  14. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Android Expert

    Sorry I stopped reading after that because I exploded with laughter.

    Also he says "look at full flash on the Evo." EVO DOESN'T EVEN HAVE FULL FLASH.

    Why do you even bother arguing? Clearly, he doesn't know much, is stuck in this deluded Apple world and clearly he has zero desire to learn. Let him live in iPhone world.

    I had a conversation with my sister (only my sister is smart enough to not comment on stuff she knows nothing about and when it comes to technology, not alot).

    She basically said:
    -She liked the iPhone UI (and does not care about customization, does not care about being able to change anything to make it the way she wants it like keyboard/launcher/etc)
    -She likes the app library (which is probably the only advantage on the iPhone)
    -She does not care about flash (but happy iPhone4 is getting a flash on the camera). ---

    She likes her iPhone because it fits her.
  15. Mortus

    Mortus Member

    Apple entrenched people simply can not see the weaknesses of Apple. Yes Apple is moron proof, but it has always held its self back being so closed. Apple keeps tight control of its hardware which is a strength, but they have and continue to over regulate software developement for their OS. This has kept Apple from really gaining market share on its marits. Instead it relies on the entrenched media production markets and a lot of hype to gain and maintain its share. As the Intel architecture has now cought up to an surpassed the Motorola based Power PC architecture Apple decided to switch in the hope of gaining more software developement to narrow the gap.

    The I gadgets are more to keep their name out there in present tense, keeping themselves in peoples minds with hype. Very clever marketing, but their tight controls hold them backing functionality.
  16. Ngo93

    Ngo93 Android Enthusiast

    People really just need to be able to admit the flaws of their own phones without getting so defensive. Everything has its pros and cons. I have to agree with his friend though, I have yet to see a phone screen match the fluidity and responsiveness of the iphones screen.

    Edit: Though I haven't played with an Evo yet.
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  17. holyblood

    holyblood Member

    lol..this goes to show...

    "never argue with ignorance..."

    android ftw! =)
  18. takeshi

    takeshi Android Expert

    These arguments are pointless. Selecting a device is a highly subjective matter and there will never be one-size-fits-all device. Just because you (anyone, for that matter) chose something doesn't mean that you have to get all evangelical about it. Singing praise is one thing. Trying to convince everyone that it's the holy grail is another.
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  19. squirrellydw

    squirrellydw Member

    Android fanboys are no better, just look at this post. Both phones are great, just depends on what you want. They both lock you into there Eco system. This phone is better than that is like like saying ford is better than chevy. Some just prefer one over the other, it's all very childish
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  20. Niir

    Niir Well-Known Member

    i liked the ''apple uses different tech''...in WHAT WAY...because Jobs says its magic??!! lol
  21. Jogi

    Jogi Well-Known Member

    I agree 100%. I am a current iphone user and am thinking about switching to an android. While i like the iphone, I am sure android will make me happy as well. Am I going to sit here and say one is better then the other, NO. Each will have pros and cons and I am sure I would like to combine features of both phones, maybe an Andrapple phone would be best for me lol, but we all know those don't exist lol:D to each their own, every person has a right to choose the best device for themselves and there is no right or wrong device for each person as long as THEY are happy with what they choose. There will be fanboys for just about anything. I am just your average consumer that likes nice quality products regardless of what brand they are. my $.02
  22. sail4fun201

    sail4fun201 Guest

    "Same thing with touch screen technology...no other phone will ever match the fluidity because apple uses completely different technology for touch screen."

    Both phones have capacitive touch screens. Same touch interface. Both have multitouch. The method they use for displaying images is different, OLED vs CRT.
  23. Isthmus

    Isthmus Android Expert

    hey you forgot to tell your friend that we have porn and he and his iphone don't. LOL
  24. sail4fun201

    sail4fun201 Guest

    Ran across an article "comparing" the iPhone 4 to the Incredible, Evo, and Nexus one.

    Link: New iPhone 4, Encased in Glass, Might Break More Easily - YAHOO!

    Some of their points were a little off.

    So Android's ability to do widgets, Sense on the Incredible and EVO, which integrates calendars, merges contacts from different sources, aggregates all your communications with a contact in one place, Android's app store, which allows you to replace keyboards, launchers, even core apps like messaging, is no better than Apple's locked down playpen that's padded so you can't hurt yourself? 2.2 can have your phone act as a WiFi hotspot. Once you achieve root, you can set processor clock speeds. I see no advantage Apple's iOS has on Android, especially when compiled with HTC Sense.

    I would rather have more screen area than better resolution. You can still tell the pixels apart if you hold the phone 4-5 inches to your face; the pixels are only indistinguishable at distances of 10-12 inches. It's not like you can't see pixels anymore. The Incredible's screen is a little over 250 ppi. That's not all htat much worse than the iPhone, and it's a tradeoff I'm willing to make for the extra screen functionality, especially for the extra real estate on the Evo. This argument is a draw.

    This is a no brainer. The Incredible has 8 gb built in memory. You can add up to a 32 gb memory card, expanding that to 40 gig (we're pretending that these are actual capacities - they are lower for both platforms). Also, Android phones give you the option to expand. If you don't need 32gb of memory when you first buy the phone, you don't have to get htat much. If you want more later, you have the option to add memory for much less than the cost of replacing an iPhone 16gb with a iPhone 32gb. Not to mention that you can swap out SD cards - say one for music, one for videos. Then I can have 64gb. You don't want to listen to music and watch movies at the same time anyway, so this is a definite advantage Android devices have over the iPhone.

    Having 802.11n is better than being able to tether multiple computers to your Android phone's mobile hotspot? I don't buy it. Also, all android devices can do this with an app, so they win this point, too.

    The iPhone is a clear leader? Yes, it has HD video recording. However, so does the Evo. The Nexus One has it through a hack, so it might come to the Incredible and Nexus in the form of an OTA update. Also, the Inc and Evo have a higher resolution camera than the iPhone. No, this doesn't necessarily mean that it takes better pictures, but it'll definitely be close. We won't know which camera is better until the iPhone comes out and we can compare side-by-side shots. Obviously, the ones on Apple's website are perfect, otherwise they wouldn't be on Apple's website. And FaceTime is fully featured? I suppose if you call WiFi only calling to and from iPhone users only "fully featured," then yes. Not to mention that the Evo's front facing camera has more than 3x the number of pixels that the iPhone's does, and the Evo can conference with a variety of different platforms of video calling.

    Battery life - I'll take an android phone that I can swap batteries on any day over the iPhone.

    Overall, the article seems to try to make it seem like the iPhone is better, when it appears on paper that it's not. Android and its devices can accomplish more. For example take the intro to the paragraph that bashes ATT: "One of the few areas where iPhone 4 doesn't rise directly to the top is when comparing networks." I don't think the iPhone rises directly to the top in any of these areas.

    And the locked down carrier & yearly releases will doom the iPhone to constant obsolescence. While multiple new Android phones can be released in a month, unless Apple changes its stragety, iPhones are yearly comings. Additionally, iPhone users (in the US) are stuck with ATT, which has now imposed data caps, and no longer offers an "unlimited" plan.

    Sorry, nothing about the new iPhone really compels me to purchase one. It sounds great, but that's just because Apple's marketing team is genius. They make folders on the homescreen sound like a revolution. They make it sound like Steve Jobs invented video calling. They make it sound like multitasking is new and great. The iPhone only continues to exist because of Apple's loyal followers, and a component of users who do not know about better alternatives.
  25. Agree with you on this apple is all about the name now and they arent ahead of the game like when they first released the iphone. Jobs needs to stick to computers cuz android will soon take over the cell phone stage

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