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Any new Findings /Fixes or improvements on B08?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by HeroLau, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. HeroLau

    HeroLau Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Here are some my checking results:
    1, Freeze fixed of camera in Spanish;
    2, LCD pops on when text coming in;
    3, last letter remembered in predictive when input;

    More to confirm:
    1, How's the charging issue? the LED stay red on and cannot recover except unpluge battery? I never found this but here so many findings.
    2, Any new finding?:p

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  2. Trimbaud

    Trimbaud Well-Known Member

    I did the update OTA, went from 6 to 8, nothing was wiped. So far no problems, but it's early yet
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  3. limited

    limited Well-Known Member

    I did the OTA update today. I never really had any issues with the phone except after continued use it would slow down. I have noticed that the RAM management seems better with the update thus making it run smoother for longer. I use sense analog clock widget to monitor the RAM usage.
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  4. Marknderm

    Marknderm Well-Known Member

    How do you get the update, If you don't mind explaining it in detail. please.
  5. elmoosh

    elmoosh Newbie

    Go to Settings>About Phone>System Updates>Update Firmware.
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  6. limited

    limited Well-Known Member

    Menu> about phone> update> I ran all three but I think all you need is the firmware update. I didn't lose any apps or preferences.
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  7. MrBobo

    MrBobo Android Expert

    update keeps failing for me, I am rooted
  8. cartersball

    cartersball Android Enthusiast

    Are you running update while wifi enabled? 3g only. That's how I got it to work.
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  9. marca

    marca Member

    To answer your questions here's my lil story, I first got phone notice it would freeze on occasion did the first update to B07, freeze issue went away. rooted phone having no further issue happy , for some silly reason figured update to B08 could only be a good thing. Phone froze again while charging, phone froze while off charger. Annoyed and pissed mostly at me but noticed both times Wi-Fi was on, turned it off phone no longer froze. Upon further digging figured it my be Wi-Fi sleep mode causing problem went to " settings-wireless & networks-Wi-Fi settings, menu button, then advanced, Wi-Fi sleep policy, select never."
    It has been over 24hrs on and off charger performing various tasks running apps with no freezing or lagging. hope this helps someone else
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  10. Delvien

    Delvien Newbie

    Less lock-ups, but hasnt gotten rid of all of them.

    When the phone does lock up, it reboots, and is back up in about 15 seconds (soft reboot?)

    An improvement none-the-less...

    Battery life has also improved, spent 15 hours surfing off and on, texting, and checking emails before it was down to 10%.
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  11. Kamau

    Kamau Android Expert

    On my tablet, I cannot do an update while its rooted. I have to unroot, then update. As a matter of fact, doing a ota update while still rooted causes more problems than a person really wants.

    As for this update, I have not seen any difference that is noticeable either in performance or looks.
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  12. Snake X

    Snake X Android Expert

    I did the update like as soon as I got the phone open first thing plugged it in and updated so I didn't have to backup anything.. so I cant really tell any differences :p
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  13. Trimbaud

    Trimbaud Well-Known Member

    Upgraded. Still FC. <sighs>
  14. HeroLau

    HeroLau Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    OTA on 3g(wifi not works for upgrade)first choice, 2nd use the online update sw as Godraw posted, its also works on rooted phone.
  15. Knoxville363

    Knoxville363 Well-Known Member

    I have not run a bunch of games BUT the two HD games that I play run a lot smoother with no lag. It may be a coincidence or they fixed it. Just something I tested and wanted to report. BTW the games are the 3D homerun one and Modern Combat 2
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  16. how did you get modern combat 2 to run on the warp?
  17. Woodstock77

    Woodstock77 Android Enthusiast

    Runs great on mine too. I have Brothers in arms 2 HD, lets golf 2 HD, and Modern Combat 2 HD all on the Warp and they run great. When I play them several people say its better than it does on there higher end phones. The settlers HD is the only game so far I have tried that didnt work right. I have not installed chainfire 3d pro yet either.
  18. what i meant was where did you download it from

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