Max Johnson

Jan 3, 2010
I ordered the 64 gb Prime which is apparently nowhere to be found. Who is in the same boat and is sucking it up and waiting it out and who is biting the bullet and getting the 32 instead?
^ I have a 64GB on order with Amazon - but just the other day, I placed an order for a 32GB from Office Depot.

With the news today, however, I'm keeping my Amazon order intact. It appears as though a few people have heard from Asus directly that the first batch of 64GB's just shipped out to retailers today...
I'm still holding out for the 64Gb. However, if I'm at a local store with 32Gb in stock then I may be tempted to buy it and cancel my 64Gb preorder.
Im still on the fence myself. Changing my mind from one minute to the next. Part of me demands the bigger hard drive. Part of me keeps talking about memory cards. Even though I'm an Android guy, I got my 3 yr old a 16gb ipad so I know 32 is still pretty good. Plus theres not a special reason for me to need the 64 asap other than acting like a little kid. I want what I want when I want it.
I just ordered the 32GB from for 12/27/delivery. The 64GB I have on order from Amazon isn't expected to ship 'till 1/25/12 - 2/08/12. I'd rather have the 64GB but I'm too impatient to wait that long!:)
More info - I JUST chatted with a very pleasant Amazon rep named Daniel - he was checking up on my order for a 64GB Amethyst Gray Transformer Prime - heres the transcript:

Daniel:since it is now on stock it may be shipping in less than a day
you should be notified on
as soon as it happens

Me:Wow - it would be wonderful if I got this thing in before Christmas!
Do you know if there is anyway I could see if I might be one of the orders being shipped out?

Daniel:Hopefully you will, there is no way to find out right now, but It looks good
based on my experience

Me:Well - that's just fantastic news! Thanks so much!

Daniel:Remember I'm here to help, if you have any other doubt please don't hesitate on contacting us.
you are very welcome

Me:Have a great holiday!

BAZINGA! It looks like retailers are actually starting to get these things in! My order status still shows a January 6th delivery date - but HOPEFULLY, that will change today...fingers crossed!

EDIT - If someone else has one on order from Amazon - I would LOVE a little reassurance by way of another rep confirming this news... Anyone...? :)
I'm waiting for J&R to get theirs in. Ordered a 64GB Amethyst Gray one on Nov 23rd. Although all I've heard from them is sometime after the holidays.
I have a 64 ordered from J&R as well as Adorama. Adorama replied to an email I sent with this:

Thank you for your inquiry on the status of your backorder. According to the manufacturer estimates we expect to fulfill your order for the following item(s)

by 1/6/12

Please note these are estimated dates given to us by the manufacturer. They are generally accurate, but are subject to change at the discretion of manufacturer.
I emailed them back tonight to confirm that date. No word yet. That date would be outstanding based on what we've all read.

my original order was for a 64 grey. Within 10min i determined i was out of my mind spending that much on anything, and figured i can use a sdcard ... so i canceled and ordered 32 grey.

Then i read tons of people saying 64's are delayed.

So good thing i didnt just let the order sit!