asus eee pad transformer

  1. R

    Need help with my etransformer

    Hi I have an android asus tf100 (asus transformer). Issue is that i've locked myself out of pattern attempts also I don't remember the google email ID so i can't recover it. There are picture and info on there i don't want to loose by doing a factory reset Can anyone help ???
  2. P

    Help OS update for Asus Eee Transformer

    Is there any possible way to update the OS on my transformer from 4.0.3 to anything newer?
  3. P

    Help NV Flash: Wheelie won't generate blobs...Error=65280

    My tf201 runs the stock Android 4.1.1, is rooted and unlocked. Followed the NV Flash directions at (to the letter) up to "wheelie step 2: generate wheelie blobs" Once I do that, I get: "Failed to enable wifi. Cancelling upload...
  4. SteveDuk

    Root New lease of life for my Transformer

    Having sat in the cupboard for the best part of a year with a dodgy on/off switch and a very cracked screen I've bought it back to life. I needed a tablet for work that would stand up to the rigours of workshop life and while I was looking at the tough cases available I came across this one on...
  5. N

    It is actually possible to upgrade the tablet to latest android version!

    This is just a thing i have to say: I have this tablet, and it can actually run all the way up to the latest android version. Now, the latest is 5.1, and it can be upgradable with ROM's all the way into that version (thanks to Timduru). My tablet is even running Android 5.1 If you had or have...
  6. J

    TF101 Not Updating to Latest (Supported) OS

    I recently unrooted and reset to factory default my TF101 so that I could allow my mother to use it. It seems to be working fine, everything looks good, however when I ask it to check for updates it still says 3.0 something when I think it was supposed to get up to 3.2. Is there a way to...
  7. alackman

    Android 5 on prime?

    Would this even be possible?
  8. J

    Root Cant access apx mode

    Recently flash a kernel and now tablet is stuck on splash screen. I can access recovery but wont let me read an external sd card so that I can just reflash stock kernel or backup. Ive tried putting it into apx mode to use easy flasher but it wont go. Any ideas I have revolver rom installed on...
  9. J

    Help Sound not loud enuf

    as the title says, I go to youtube and while I have no problem with the video, I can't seem to get the audio loud enuf for comfortable listening. any suggestions? JM
  10. exninja

    Root Flashed and Rooted TF101

    Hey everyone! I just went through the process of flashing a new ROM to my TF101 and thought some people might enjoy what I learned. I'm definitely not an expert when it comes to Android, I figure I know enough to get myself into trouble but patient enough to also get out of it. Firstly, a lot...
  11. E

    Help Battery Issue

    My transformer Prime is 2 years old and the batter now drains daily even when it is not being used. If I unplug the power cable in the morning by the evening the battery is less that 5%. I have wiped the tablet back to factory settings and am still experiencing the same issue. I have installed...
  12. M

    Root Rooted robot in recovery

    I have rooted My tablet and installed a New rom. When i robot Now it robot in recovery. I have to press power and volume down at the same time, Then it boot Where i can choose recovery or the New rom. Someone Who can help to get it to boot in New rom Regards Michael
  13. Stuntman

    I'm Officially Retiring My Transformer

    I got my Transformer almost 3 years ago. I decided to get the Transformer because of the keyboard dock. I was hoping to be able to use it as a PC replacement. I used it quite a bit for about a year. I found it could replace my PC 75% of the time. What I liked most is the fact that I can...
  14. A

    Help please help. my TF101 won't boot past ASUS screen.

    Hi guys! I've joined this forum solely for this and I hope you can help. To start, I have had my Transformer for almost 4 years now. I haven't tried to root or add some custom firmware on this. So everything is "stock" so to speak. Recently my Transformer just turned off and restarted. I...
  15. N

    Kindle Widget for KitKat

    Hi - I was wondering if anyone knows of a widget that is like Kindle Widget found in the Gogle Play Store. This widget puts shortcuts to a Kindle book on your main screen for easy access and pulls the artwork for the book's cover as a custom cover if desired (rather than just a colored...
  16. Doit2it

    Root KatKiss KitKat 4.4.2 unofficial

    I tried the KatKiss Jelly Bean ROM and didn't like it, but this KitKat ROM has breathed new live into my sluggish TF101. I guess it's the smaller footprint of KitKat. Not sure about battery live since I just installed it last night. Build #15 doesn't have Location based WiFi, but hopefully...
  17. D

    continually downloading?

    My Asus Transformer TF101 is regularly displaying a message on the lower right line that it can't download a file, or that it has just downloaded a file.These files were downloaded some days ago. How an I tell if it is actually downloading, and if so, why, or if it is just displaying old...
  18. D

    Help Part of Touch Screen Not Working

    I'm having problems with my Transformer Prime. A bar going horizontally across the screen about 1 inch from the bottom and about an inch thick does not respond to touch. I had to replace the board for the touch screen because of the battery swelling and breaking it. I have done a factory...
  19. X

    Help wifi issue

    Hello All, I own a ASUS transformer prime, about a month ago it stopped connecting to wifi for me. I called ASUS they wanted $250 to fix it over the phone. I ended up giving it to the computer guy at my dads work. He was able to connect it to three different networks no problem. I got it home...
  20. U

    ASUS Transformer Prime dock issue

    Hey there. I have the Asus Transformer Prime (ft201) with dock. The tablet works fine, and the dock works with keyboard and SD-card, but it doesn't charge the tablet anymore. The battery indiacor for the tablet says 87% all the time. I can charge the tablet via the dock, but no matter the...
  21. J

    Help Games keep crashing

    Just recently my transformer has not been able to run any game I try. I've had this for about two years and just now it has started doing this. I have a large list of games and now they all crash once the gameplay begins. Usually the game menu loads but once the actual game loads, the screen...
  22. K

    Help Asus Prime TF201 dead?

    Hi everybody, first time visitor, registerer and poster. My Asus Prime TF201 I think has died on me. It was turned off the other day, I recharged it, and when I went to turn it on it wouldn't load past the load initial screen which I guess is called the splash screen? I have tried to do...
  23. X

    Help HELP!!!! Transformer Prime

    Hello All, I have the ASUS Transformer Prime. Yesterday it stopped connecting to WiFi. The device would show my network, start to connect, then stop. I reset my router, disconnected all over devices from wifi, reset my tablet, deleted the home wifi from the tablet. I even ended up doing a...
  24. chrisp9au

    Root TWRP versus CWM

    I have CWM recovery currently on my TF101, I understand that may be a mistake? and that TWRP would be better. I also believe that ROM Manager may not be the best for the TF101? How do I replace CWM with TWRP? Download link? What is a better option than ROM Manager/Toolbox Pro? Thanks Chris
  25. S

    [ROM][TF300T/G/L/201/301][CROMi-X 5.2a][ODEX/DEODEX][NOV 17]