Help app or setting to speed up rotation of screen?


Android Expert
So, the GN takes forever to rotate from portrait to landscape and vice versa. Is there a setting or an app to speed this up?


Android Enthusiast
I felt the same way as you. I'm not a pro like these guys but I'm pretty good at passing info I've read along. I found out that google does this on purpose. So it isn't constanly switching on you when you tilt the phone slightly. It gives you a few seconds of delay. After I found this out and thought about it, it turned out to be a good idea. so now I'm happy it is a little delayed.


I just tested mine out and it was 3 seconds to auto rotate each time, and a couple times it hung up and took 4 or 5 seconds. Don't quite understand why they don't have any options to change it and can't seem to find any apps that will change it either.