Application to view pictures two by two


I just bought a tablet provided with Android 4.0 and I want an application that would allow me to see more than one picture at a time, especially 2 side by side. What I'm looking for is an application that would do as Android gallery where i can see the photos one by one, bu i need to see them two by two. The key is that we can see at least two on the same screen and change quickly.
I did a lot of research on google play but I have only found either application such as blow fish (that can display a mosaic of pictures whose number is not configurable), or applications that compare pictures two by two but need to select one by one the two photos to compare.

Is there any application that would allow this ? or do I have to code it myself ?

I already tried to code it but I have many problems with outofmemory exception, and I am not really that skilled with this type of problem.

Thank you