Help "APPS" Button on the Huawei Raven LTE KitKat?

There doesn't seem to be a forum for this phone model... but that's not the point.

What I'm trying to ask is where the hell the "APPS" button is. I am currently on the home screen and there is no app drawer. Right now I can only scroll through the homescreen, and there just isn't a drawer. Where is it? It should be at the bottom next to messaging and contacts and whatnot. Please note my phone was just unpackaged moments ago, and yes, it is fully set up.

I am mainly complaining about ehy there is no app drawer on this phone because I absolutely hate Google Play Music, and I mainly just want the stock music player. No Google, you have too much money. I do not buy music.
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According to this video, there is no app drawer (at 1:29)
That is kind of a bummer for sure:(
Are you trying to delete, or disable Google Music?


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The default launcher on Huawei phones don't have an app drawer and sort of is like an iPhone interface with all the apps upfront. Which shouldn't really matter in your case, since all you need to do is got to Settings>Applications>then uninstall or disable the app you don't want.


If you want an app draw on your Huawei with EMUI, install an alternative launcher, Nova definitely has an app draw. Many China phones are more like Apple iOS, all apps are on the main screens, but they usually can be organized and put into folders.