Help Are Micro USB cables not all equal???


Iv lost my my Micro USB cable for my note, so have tryed 3 other Micro USB cables I have in the house & none of them will charge the phone......How-every the Micro USB cable from my girlfriends HTC sensation work fine, so not really sure what I should be looking for when ordering a replacement?


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They do vary. I bought an inexpensive one from a phone shop, and despite all assurances it will charge my phone but not work as a usb lead. But an even cheaper one I bought from amazon works fine for everything - having been stung once I checked the reviews to make sure other buyers were finding it fully functional.

I guess if in doubt buy a manufacturer's own cable.


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EVERY Usb cable I have tried on my phone SGH-i717d has worked. That's weird.

My mom's blackberry is the same story as yours though. I don't understand how that works.