Apr 5, 2011
Newport, MI
I currently have metro pcs as my cell phone provider..but I've been thinking about venturing out to check out what the other people have to offer. Also, I want to look at better android phones aha!
I've been looking at AT&T and Verizon I can afford either I just want to know which would be better. I don't talk on the phone much..maybe an hour or two a day (or three) But I love to text. I don't go on the internet unless I'm bored either
so what plan would be better for me (individual too) I'm not sure which plan would work for me..any suggestions?
also what phone should I look at? I like the big screens (I have an ascend and the screens pretty decent)

I live out in "country land" (monroe mi) and they both get pretty decent coverage out here (did research and my boyfriend has verizon too)

any opinions or suggestions?
thanks so much!!
I went with att over verizon cause of price it was cheaper with my 5 lines. Both get good coverage for me as well but verizon was definitely higher in price per month.

If they both get decent coverage in your area then it's going to come down to personal preference. I haven't had any issues with att or their customer service. Plus i like being able to swap out phones just by switching the sim cards and not having to call and activate a phone like on verizon.
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Well in my area I have tried att several times and they just plain suck. Data speeds are terrible and my phone never rang. If you live within a Verizon lte area they are the better choice. For about the same price you get way faster speeds. att is in the process of rolling out lte but they are way behind compared to Verizon. Verizons customer service has angered me at times and I have left because of it but I had to come back just because of how bad att is.
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If you want coverage, and customer service and reliability Verizon. If you want unreliable phone coverage with many dropped called and faster data on 3g but disconnects a lot then go at&t.

Ive had both carriers At&t was the bigger blood sucker.
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I've never had a problem with AT&T. I think the majority of the people that badmouth AT&T are just spreading gossip. I live in an area where AT&T has greater coverage.

AT&T is generally less expensive. It's coverage area is nearly identical. Sure, it's LTE coverage is lacking, but it's expanding. AT&T's 3G network is much faster.

Plus, the freedom to switch phones at any time with a SIM card just can't be beat. I'd never go back to CDMA.
I've had T-Mob and Sprint and I l just like GSM better.
I tried to switch my Sprint phone over the web and was told I'd have to change my plan (both phones were android smart phones).

I've never had that come up moving my sim card from one phone to another.
I think the most important thing to consider when picking a phone company is coverage first, then phones and price.

I have been with At&t for about 10 years now, have spent 3 months on T-Mobile once and had Sprint many many years ago.

I currently have a 2 phone family plan and pay about $78/month with one Smart Phone, 200MB data plan, 450 minutes and corporate discount. We have about 3000 roll-over minutes, I wish I could switch to a 100 minute plan :)

We are currently building a home about 40 miles away, so far At&t service seems to be poor there, so even though it will cost more, I may be switching to Verizon once we move.
I used to be jealous of Verizon users in my family at get-togethers because they never had problems with reception/coverage at the various locations we've gotten together. However, over the past 3 years AT&T has vastly improved both coverage and much so that most of my family members have switched to AT&T after I was able to get 2 and 3 bars where they were unable to receive service.

Verizon dropped the ball big time and AT&T has run to the other end of the field with it, scoring several times. You couldn't pay me to go to Verizon now.
The coverage is similar in most places.
AT&T may be the tiniest bit cheaper, and the card swapping thing is a plus, as long as you are switching into a similar type of phone, otherwise it doesn't work.
Verizon definitely has better customer service though.
Also, if you are a heavy data user, as I am, you will get your data throttled before the first week of your cycle is up at AT&T.
That is my biggest complaint about AT&Ts "unlimited data".:rolleyes:
I had to call AT&T customer service and they were very nice and helpful. They even went out of the way to suggest a way I could save money on my plan.