Backup photos from iPad?


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Posting an Apple related question in an Android forum.. I know... But you guys are clever.

I need to back up everything from my iPad to my laptop before updating it.

Original iPad, iOS 4.2.x



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you can back up camera roll to i tunes but make sure you save any that were not taken on the device in an application like mail or safari first.


Isn't everything backed up to iTunes? Not sure, never owned an iOS device.

I used to have a first-gen iPhone. Unless Apple has changed anything, I believe by default everything is automatically backed-up and synced to iTunes. iTunes should ensure the iPad is fully synced, photos, apps, music and everything before it updates the device's software.


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Yup. iTunes is the way to go. It has been so long since I used it, though. By default, I believe, when you plug the device in, it syncs everything. If you changed this... you will need to change it back.

The photos should be in your iTunes folder, probably camera roll or something. I never synced photos and stuff before.


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Sorry to hijack a thread but while we are on the subject of ipads... :D

Can you get an app like utorrent on it?


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Sorry, I forgot about this thread.

The iTunes backup doesn't/didn't do all of the pictures. The "Saved Photos" were alright, but the e one's my sister synced from the laptop to the iPad were deleted. Good thing I backed them up on DB first.