Came frm WM. I write a lot, how do I do this on Android?


I recently switched from a HTC touch pro to a Samsung Moment. With my touch pro I write a lot of notepad documents and microsoft word documents. And would view them by organizing them in folders in a file manager.

How do I do that on android? With windows mobile the notepad docs and MW documents I could export to my computer and view/edit on my laptop. I want to be able to write documents and organize them into folders. Than be able to email it, and edit/view them on my laptop.

Any recommendations?

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There is a popular file manager called Astro, you can create folders, move documents about and things like that with it. Can also email documents by long pressing on them and clicking send.

(Download barcode scanner to scan this)


another option might be to try gdocs and use the power of google docs on the web.gdocs just makes notes that are stored on google docs. -free
Docs to Go is powerfull but i think you would have to drag or email the word, excel ppt docs to your computer. I paid for this and ahve had it before.
I saw some other apps to work with notes and work. search