cannot create new folder in memory card



i have samsung galaxy chat having 4 gb internal memory.
i have put 8GB external card. but i could not able to create any folder in memory card with phone and also when i connect to my PC

please help me


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Do you have a file browser such as ES File Explorer on your phone?
You can access the card and create folders with that.
If you are on your PC, can you right click to add a folder?
What errors are you getting, if any?
Can you see your sd card when plugged into the computer? Did the phone download the drivers for your phone?
I am sorry for all the questions, we just need more info to help you:)
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Hey there welcome =). Thank you for being courteous and requesting to please help, but we've got such a great community here that you'd get help even without the please. ;P Anyway in addition to what suggestions you've been given, I have a question as well as a suggestion for you myself. Has this memory card been used previously? Or newly acquired? (I got scammed once on ebay and they are still floating around, hence my question to you). Also If you are able to plug the card directly into your PC via a card reader, I'd strongly suggest running this small software program to test each sector of the card for damaged clusters/partitions/filesystem errors/false partitions, pretty much an all around testing utility. Maybe post the log back here if you can?
Here is a dowload link of a zip file containing two programs, one is the testing utility i mentioned earlier, h2test, the other is sdformatter, (formatting software of choice when it comes to issues related to microsd that sometimes windows/mac built in format utility doesn't properly format the card.