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Other than otterbox, which case would be best for the Inspire. Your thoughts.


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i asked HTCSourse and they said the phone is identicle xda forums said its the same down to code, according to andrea i want the kickstand but need more protection due to the hazardous nature of my profession.


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Just adding one more thing about the case that I'm getting. (You can find it HERE)

A good thing about this is that you can have the clear armor case on the phone, and at the same time, put another case over it, like the kickstand case. Double protection!!!



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Yeah there's a place that offers an anti-scratch protection service like that in my local mall. I might consider that, if it's worth the price.
Looking for a real thin "rubbery" cover just to keep the phone from slipping out of my hands. I feel like I'm going to drop it any minute. :eek: Any suggestions? Thanks!


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No offense intended, but im not putting anything on my Inspire that costs 6 bucks, especially if it is intended to protect a $400 phone.

Well, besides a screen protector lol