Root Casio G'Zone Commando 4g LTE root guide

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If you just got this phone, and want to root:
All rooting tools and their supported versions
Root M40
Rooting M70

You're rooted, now what?
It is strongly recommended that you check out the thread below about getting a custom recovery and a way to get into said recovery from boot
Essential post root things thread (recovery and key combo)']essential post root things (recovery and key combo)

ROM lists:
Here is a list of all the current ROM's available for this phone
need link to ICS M20
Jelly Bean M40
Jelly Bean M50
Jelly Bean M70
XE Ultimate ROM (M50)

The MLG sound mod (all versions)

Adb drivers:
All adb drivers

Safe Mode:
How to access the safe mode on the commando

If you are looking for a general Commando repository of files:
Commando Stuff - OneDrive
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