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CCM7_Eris_V24_RIP problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wolfdogg, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. wolfdogg

    wolfdogg Member
    Thread Starter

    i have installed CCM7_Eris_V24_RIP

    text messaging will not work for me, we have called verizon and they couldnt find the problem, so im pretty sure its in the install, however we did activate the text messaging after the install, where before using another CCM7 mod i hadnt had it for some time, but it did work in the past on that mod.

    there is no way to mount the usb sd card, the mount and unmount found in the menu only mounts the sd card to the phone, but when i plug in the cable to the computer, i dont get a message in the slider menu to mount. I cant offload my pictures at all without plugging in the memory card to an sd reader wtih an adapter.

    the system is very slow, pictures take about 5 seconds to take each for example. i know the upgrade is probably a bit much for the Eris as far as new apps vs what the processor can handle, but its real sluggish when navigating through the menus, etc...

    i need a faster build, and a recommendation since i cant text message, connect usb, and operate the phone with ease.

  2. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!!
    VIP Member

    Hmmm...I don't have any problems with it. Maybe a bad download? Did you check your md5 sums? Let me see if I can get a hold of the dev or Scotty. ;)

  3. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    i wuld start with redownloading,and fresh install/full wipe.

    if you boot to recovery,are you able to enable usb storage there and have it connect to your PC?
  4. CondemnedSoul

    CondemnedSoul Android Enthusiast

    When you flashed, did you do a full wipe of everything or just dalvik and cache? Camera and usb and everything works fine for me. I can't test texting or anything since my Eris is not activated. My first suggestion to try for that would be to install Verizon messaging from the market, use it to send and receive a few sms and mms. After things are working again it can be uninstalled if you wish. I would also suggest to try wiping everything and reflashing.
  5. wolfdogg

    wolfdogg Member
    Thread Starter

    yeah, i did a full wipe,
    the md5 i have for it is

    i forgot to mention, i am able to send text messages, just not receive them.

    i am thinking of putting CCM7_V18.3_Vanilla.zip back on there, it had the green wireless hotspot icon in the menu that launched the wifi hotspot and thats one of the features i need when on the road for my laptop. or does anyone know maybe i added that feature if it doesnt come stock wtih CCM7_V18.3_Vanilla.zip.

    funny, verizon says i havent used my phone in a year, hehehe. must have been when i rooted it. lol.
  6. wolfdogg

    wolfdogg Member
    Thread Starter

    yes i am able to do this, i just verified this.

    i didn't think about installing messaging from the market, they have that? ill try that when i get the system re installed.

    im going to full wipe now,and reflash with the same file that passed.

    EDIT: well i cant find the download, the file linked at goo.im is no longer available.

    i going to install vanilla for now, and try to see if it reacts any faster so i will know if its the mod or my phone in general.

    ill prob do a little troubleshooting for the V24_RIP after this.

  7. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    There are one of two things you can try that I think may work.

    - Try installing Verizon Messaging and start the app. Maybe even send a text. See if you can receive messages after that.

    - Try installing a stock-based ROM like xtrSENSE and see if that fixes it.

    - If it doesn't, leave xtrSENSE on and call Verizon and tell them what's happening. Maybe they need to reset something on your account.
  8. wolfdogg

    wolfdogg Member
    Thread Starter

    well, first i tried CCM7_V18.3_Vanilla, and man i miss the navigator, wireless tether which were back on there this rom. sms still didnt work. then i did a v2 flashback, and wham, the text was working, was recieving a load of them from earlier today.

    i have a theory that is about to be proven right or wrong in a minute. i suspect that verizon had my phone marked as inactive since it had been 1 year, according to them that i last used it, as i mentioned earlier. i think my system just needed a checkin. but before i go back to vanilla, i just rooted back and am giving CCM7_Eris_V24_RIP another try to see if the sms works. even if the sms works the deal breaker will be th emissing navigation and wireless hotspot. even though i has 'copilot' working, and i do like it, i miss having the default nav, and i havent found a wireless tether as nice as the default one that comes with vanilla. i havent found one i like at all actually except for that one.

    is there a way i can get that wireless tether working in the future on another rom the way it does in this CCM7_V18.3_Vanilla? such as add a shortcut or something simple? im not sure if thats an app, or a sophistated shortcut, or a rip from one of the later verizon builds or what.
  9. wolfdogg

    wolfdogg Member
    Thread Starter

    please see my last post, i have alot of questions there that i would like answered please, but i wanted to take a minute and document something that i dont think we see too often.

    the sms works right now using the same CCM7_Eris_V24_RIP file as earlier after reinstallation. so i believe my hunch was correct. i have a feeling verizon just needed to flag a valid operating system before it was able to receive sms messages. i was able to send but not receive. so to clarify, i did a flashback, and they started working, now with a re-root, and reinstall of CCM7_Eris_V24_RIP they do work now. hope this helps someone in the future.

    now i just need to figure out how to get
    1) wireless tether
    2) maps
    3) navigation
  10. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!!
    VIP Member

    Do you have Titanium Backup? If not, download it and spend the couple bucks and also get the paid version which is the key to unlock everything it can do (free version is limited). You need both installed. It will be a little work but if you don't mind flashing like some of us do it's no big deal. Go back to the rom that has all the apps you mentioned above. Each time you change a rom you'll need to but both versions of Titanium back on your phone (unless your restoring that already has Titanium then everything will remain) then do a batch save of user apps. Don't save system data. Then all you have to do on the new rom is do a batch restore of user apps.
  11. CondemnedSoul

    CondemnedSoul Android Enthusiast

    Wireless tether (install like an app)


    Maps can be installed from market, it will also add nav.
  12. wolfdogg

    wolfdogg Member
    Thread Starter

    i like the titanium idea, thanks. that sounds like somethign that would work for me. i dont mind flashing. :)

    so is that the trick with the navigation? i think maps is already isntalled though. so are you saying, so to the market (google play now) and search for maps, i will see maps, and install that? then the nav will appear? i remember the one with the blue arrow icon, which seemed like it might be a default install item. i had to install copilot in the mean time. but i did notice that the navigation mentioned above did use the same maps that "maps" uses.
  13. CondemnedSoul

    CondemnedSoul Android Enthusiast

    Nav is integrated with maps now ;)
  14. wolfdogg

    wolfdogg Member
    Thread Starter

    well, it looks like i have CCM7_Eris_V24_RIP hooked up. with the wireless tether, and the nav, all i had to do was install winamp and pandora, and im happy. Thanks CondemdedSoul for the killer build. I had to mention once i ran flashback then re-rooted i notice a performance increase. I think i must have had the older Eris, and its as if the V2 did some performance boosts somehow, if possible. But you system builders would know that better.

    Im a LAMP developer, im thinking i should be able to backup the apps using the shell (superuser) instead of titanium? is there any good links on this?

    And "Justice For All' was one of the best albums they ever put out. Dont even ask WHO.
  15. Rawb0Ss

    Rawb0Ss Lurker

    Hello Everyone,

    I am by no means attempting to hijack this thread, but I have to ask this question here, as I saw some recent activity on here in regards of this rom. I have been trying to locate a working link to this rom to download. The link at Xda is broken, and since I just recently registered on Xda to ask if anyone has a mirror or can share a Dropbox link or email it to me, it won't let as I am restricted. Is there anyone here that can please help me out?! Please provide a mirror/working link, a Dropbox link, or if you can email me this rom, it would be highly appreciated!

  16. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!!
    VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums RawBOSs!

    Here ya go and if there's anything else just give us a chat. :)

    [ROM] 6/21/12 Condemned CM 7.2 Stable V24 (2.3.7) R.I.P. - xda-developers
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  17. Rawb0Ss

    Rawb0Ss Lurker

    Thank you for the welcome and the prompt response! :)

    Also the link you provided was the same link I attempted to use already from Xda which is broken. :mad: When you click the download link, it goes to a Goo.im website which shows the error, "The file you requested was not found." :( Unless there is a mirror on that link that I am overlooking, I still need some other means to find this rom file.
  18. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

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  19. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!!
    VIP Member

    Hmmm I have 24 somewhere. Lemme look it up. Also I'll tell CondemenedSoul about that link also.

  20. Rawb0Ss

    Rawb0Ss Lurker

    Thank you for posting this! :) I grabbed it already and will play around with it until I can come across 24.

    Thank you sir BC for taking the time to reply, then looking for a copy of 24, and passing the info onto CS. Out of all the private messages and forums I have posted on and plenty of Google searches, this is the only place that looks promising of coming across 24. Please let me know if you have any luck or not.
  21. chadfluegge

    chadfluegge Newbie

    I, too, would be interested in coming across 24! :)
  22. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!!
    VIP Member

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  23. Rawb0Ss

    Rawb0Ss Lurker

    It is np that it took so long. I really do appreciate it, and I am glad I am not alone on this treasure hunt, as I see chadfluegge is looking for it too, and I am sure others that may have not posted. I downloaded it instantly and made multiple copies on my PC, and 1 on a flash drive. Thanks again BC! :D
  24. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!!
    VIP Member

    I'm all way's happy to help. :)
  25. nomarsgirl

    nomarsgirl Android Enthusiast

    I'm glad somebody had it. I know I had it on my Eris, but I gave my phone to my daughter when I upgraded to a GNex. She stuck my SD card in her old phone so it wouldn't get lost, but I have no idea where it might be hiding in the swamp she calls a bedroom. It's there somewhere safe and sound. :D

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