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Chrome to Phone - Yummy Goodness... :D

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Talderon, May 24, 2010.

  1. Talderon

    Talderon Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I set this up this weekend, but it didn't work... but, figured out how to get it working...

    What is it? Well, rather than bore you with a wall of text, here is a short 1min 54 second vid:

    YouTube - Froyo - ChomeToPhone - AndroidCentral.com

    Setup Instructions

    • Download the Google Chrome to Phone Extension application to your Android device from Downloads - chrometophone - Project Hosting on Google Code (make sure Settings->Applications->Unknown Sources is checked). Note that this application requires Android 2.2 ("Froyo") or later.
    • Start the Google Chrome to Phone Extension application on the phone.
    • Choose the account to register with (this must match the account you sign in to with Google Chrome to Phone Extension on the desktop).
    • Click on "Register Device" to register your phone with the Google Chrome to Phone Extension service.
    • Download the .crx Chrome extension on your Desktop using the Chrome Browser and install.
    • If you are not re-directed to a login page for Chrome to Phone, click the link below on your computer and it will allow you to log in so the app will work.

    Manual Chrome to Phone login

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  2. Rusty

    Rusty Android Expert

    There is also a Fox2Phone if you prefer FF to Chrome. Works just the same.
  3. cred05

    cred05 Well-Known Member

  4. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Extreme Android User

    thank you.. nice vid and confirmed to be working great!
  5. Talderon

    Talderon Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I have this extension installed on my Windows Desktop and Ubuntu Laptop... Works great!!! :D
  6. Talderon

    Talderon Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    You have a link for this? Can't find information on it.

    Edit: Argh, found it as this was posting:


    Edit again: When adding this to FF (at least on my Ubuntu Laptop) it does not add the icon on the toolbar itself, so if it does not show, you need to make sure to customize the toolbars and drag and drop it where you want it. :D
  7. inspiron41

    inspiron41 Well-Known Member

    if the links could be push from the phone to the pc that would be cool too. especially sites that arent suited for mobile devices
  8. Buck Shot

    Buck Shot Well-Known Member

    is this online android market up yet?
  9. Hegemony

    Hegemony Android Enthusiast

    Well, this is incredibly awesome. I will put this to use.
  10. Talderon

    Talderon Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I already do!!! I do mobile site testing (both via Emulation and some device testing) and this helps a TON because sometimes, emulating a device is just not the same.
  11. inspiron41

    inspiron41 Well-Known Member

    I actually clouded my phone with the directions of my Google map route from my PC. Not having to retype that info on Google navigation was wonderful. Saved me like 30 sec.

    Btw we need a whole new comp slang for sending info to the phone...I went with clouded l

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