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ClockworkMod Recovery for Premia

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Thatdad, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Thatdad

    Thatdad Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    So I downloaded ROM Manager and it told me to I have to get ClockworkMod on my rooted Premia. I'm not really sure how or where to get it for Premia.

    I hope I don't sound stupid, considering I just rooted my phone today..

    Can anyone help?:thinking:

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  2. jokerpks

    jokerpks Android Enthusiast

    Also I recommend Nandroid Manager instead. ROM manager doesn't really have anything for the Premia. Once you get recovery you can get Nandroid to recognize the recovery you have by flashing a zip from here.


    To boot into recovery power device off, then at the same time hold the power key and volume up and down.
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  3. jokerpks

    jokerpks Android Enthusiast

    And here is a guide explaining the functions of the recovery. It's all here if you managed to look around...

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  4. Thatdad

    Thatdad Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    So I attempted to use Nandroid but apparently my SD card is to small. I haven't got a job at the moment (Moving) but as soon as I get a job I'm going to get a better SD card. Do you think 8 GB would be a decent size?
  5. Thatdad

    Thatdad Android Expert
    Thread Starter

  6. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    For what it's worth I would just go all out and invest in a 32gb hcsd card.

    Simply because that's Max capacity on most phones and you can keep most everything you'll ever need on it.
    You can even copy your .apk files or even your full /data folder to quickly swap between phones later.
  7. boneface

    boneface Android Enthusiast

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  8. Thatdad

    Thatdad Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I agree, I'm considering getting one from Amazon, but if I have to ill get a smaller storage capacity. I don't think I would ever need even a fraction of 32 gb.. I've barely broke 50 gb on my computer LOL

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