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[CWM] Updated 9/21/13 CWM recovery for all variants

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Deleted User, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest
    Thread Starter

    This recovery is CWM for the One SV. It is fully working and has no problems. All variants are supported below

    K2_CL (Boost Mobile) -> Boost Download

    K2_PLC_CL (Cricket) -> Cricket Download

    K2_UL (EU LTE) -> EU LTE Download

    K2_U (EU NON-LTE) -> EU Non-LTE Download

    Boost Mobile Source
    Cricket Source
    EU LTE Source
    EU Non-LTE Source

    To build these recoveries on your own, simply follow the directions below:
    Clone the CyanogenMod repo. See their wiki at http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org
    create a local_manifests file by issuing the command `mkdir -p .repo/local_manifests/` then `gedit .repo/local_manifests/k2.xml`
    inside this new document place the following lines

    Code (Text):
    2. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    3. <manifest>
    4. <project path="device/htc/msm8960-common" name="CyanogenMod/android_device_htc_msm8960-common" />
    5.     <project path="device/htc/s4-common" name="CyanogenMod/android_device_htc_s4-common" />
    7.     <project path="device/htc/k2_cl" name="SimonSickle/android_device_htc_k2_cl" revision="cwm" />
    8.     <project path="vendor/htc/k2_cl" name="SimonSickle/android_vendor_htc_k2_cl" revision="jellybean" />
    10.     <project path="device/htc/k2_plc_cl" name="SimonSickle/android_device_htc_k2_plc_cl" revision="cwm" />
    11.     <project path="vendor/htc/k2_plc_cl" name="SimonSickle/android_vendor_htc_k2_plc_cl" revision="jellybean" />
    13.     <project path="device/htc/k2_ul" name="SimonSickle/android_device_htc_k2_ul" revision="cwm" />
    14.     <project path="vendor/htc/k2_ul" name="SimonSickle/android_vendor_htc_k2_ul" revision="jellybean" />
    16.     <project path="device/htc/k2_u" name="SimonSickle/android_device_htc_k2_u" revision="cwm" />
    17.     <project path="vendor/htc/k2_u" name="SimonSickle/android_vendor_htc_k2_u" revision="jellybean" />
    19.     <project path="kernel/htc/k2" name="SickleKernels/android_kernel_htc_k2" revision="htc_3.4" />
    20. </manifest>
    now run `repo sync` and wait for this to finish. It will take a long time
    With any luck, you now have the source. Your computer should already be set up to build so just do the following commands
    . build/envsetup.sh
    now you will want to lunch the right device (see the download section as a guide)
    lunch cm_k2_cl-userdebug
    and finally the make command is as follows
    make -j5 recoveryimage

    at the end you will see a welcoming path to your new recovery. Flash it in fastboot or with dd and enjoy!

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  2. irishobo

    irishobo Android Enthusiast

    Thank you very much!
  3. irishobo

    irishobo Android Enthusiast

    Everytime i try to fastboot flash the img it says cannot load 'CWMrecovery.img': no error. I also tried changing the name to recovery.img
  4. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest
    Thread Starter

    Did you check your download. It's a 7mb file. And be sure your actually pointing to a valid file in the command
  5. irishobo

    irishobo Android Enthusiast

    Yes I have the file in the same folder as fastboot. I'm using the following command:
    fastboot flash recovery CWMrecovery.IMG
    And the file is 7,658kb I'll try downloading again.
  6. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Android Expert
    Recognized Developer

    Try lowercase .img
    Deleted User likes this.
  7. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest
    Thread Starter

    Oh looked at your post again.. You had the wrong command. Proper is

    fastboot flash recovery CWMrecovery.img

    Edit shin you beat me to it by 10 seconds :)
  8. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Android Expert
    Recognized Developer

    Lol, that's was the first thing I noticed. And good work on the recovery. Pm me the status of CM10 my main issue was getting it past the HTC boot logo lol.
  9. i2f

    i2f Android Enthusiast

    Best birthday present ever. Hehehe, thanks a lot Simon for making this day that much better :)
  10. irishobo

    irishobo Android Enthusiast

    Alright guys I just had the recovery image in the wrong folder like an idiot thank you for the help.
  11. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    Works great! Thanks again Simon!!

    Edit: Nice to have a stationary screen. LOL :-D
  12. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Android Expert
    Recognized Developer

    Is this a touch recovery? If so then I will build a non touch recovery. And maybe twrp if enough people want it.
  13. jonmspaz

    jonmspaz Newbie

    It is not touch shin. Simon this is very much appreciated bud, you're awesome
  14. Heloguy

    Heloguy Android Enthusiast

    Great job Simon! Do you happen to know why we cannot mount sd card while in recovery? its no biggie, but it is a nice little feature. Here's hoping you can get it working.
  15. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest
    Thread Starter

    I already have twrp built and the touch will come from koush since I have it submitted for official :) I'm releasing after I try all the other functions tonight to know it doesn't brick
    i2f and irishobo like this.
  16. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    Enjoy the new color simonsimons34 you earned it.
    i2f likes this.
  17. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Android Expert
    Recognized Developer

    Congrats, welcome to the dev club lol. We got milk and cookies.
    LilBit likes this.
  18. LilBit

    LilBit Extreme Android User

    You dev's are in a class by your self thats for sure!! :)
    A lil crazy perhaps?:rolleyes:

    EDIT: I added this to the ATRG under tools and utilities.
    i2f likes this.
  19. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Android Expert
    Recognized Developer

    Anyone else having issues with recovery rebooting itself?
  20. Heloguy

    Heloguy Android Enthusiast

    Mine is working perfectly
  21. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    Mine was working fine on the old phone and so far is working great, since last nights installation, on the new one.
  22. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Android Expert
    Recognized Developer

    Ok a different question, anyone flashing roms with either recovery? The new one works fine until you flash a rom then the recovery reboots the phone. it does it on both the new recovery and on the old one.
  23. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest
    Thread Starter

    I don't have that issue either and I flash a lot of roms. I could see a bad updater script calling busybox to make the phone restart. That's a possibility
  24. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Android Expert
    Recognized Developer

    i cant get anything to flash, i think it is related to the cache partition. but, i cant flash anything. I select a zip and go to flash then boom the device restarts.
  25. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest
    Thread Starter

    Well the partitions are correct in the fstab and it's working for me.. I guess my only other question is are you a cricket or boost model. Cat /proc/emmc

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