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Data plan only SIP Calls via WiFi / 3g?

Discussion in 'Rogers' started by pauladamsit, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. pauladamsit

    pauladamsit New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 11, 2012

    I'd like to use SIP calls on 3g / WiFi. I have a home SIP server to register to.

    I'd like to ask people who are using 3g data for SIP calls...

    - Does SIP work OK on Rogers? I beleive it does, but wanted to ask before commiting dollars.

    - What codec are you using? (GSM?)

    - Approx data usage rate? I think I read GSM uses approx 500Kb per minute?

    - Can I roam anywhere in Canada and it's one monthly data charge? Just I know into the US is extra.

    - What phones work seamlessly with the built in Android SIP client?

    I've tried lots of phones with SIP / WiFi and found most work to 'some' degree, but there can be some annoyances - like sound not coming out the ear piece or the dialer not working correctly / seamlessly. I'd like to hear what phones people are using and they work without 'issues'.

    It seems to me you can run a smart phone on a 'pay as you go' Rogers data scheme, stay under 5GB, and play $35 a month for data usage.


    Thanks for any advice, websites, blogs, etc...


    Paul Adams :)


  2. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    SIP works fine and yes, only normal data charges anywhere on the network. Switch SIMs when travelling out of country which is a real money saver. If you suspect data issues then try an alternate port, Rogers used to play games with 5060 but I think they gave up on that.

    -I'm using the normal full bandwidth codecs, nothing special there. The server will negotiate. Test codecs for a balance of bandwidth vs sound quality but the normal codecs should be fine unless you're on Edge.

    -I haven't measured bandwidth as it is never enough to worry about.

    -roam where you wish, no extra charges if you're still on the home carrier. i.e. Canada wide. Unlock the device for out of country trips. Pick up a data SIM anywhere and it is just like being at home. Watch your latency though. I went to Iceland and had no trouble at all with sound quality.

    -I've only used the Galaxy phones and the HTC Magic, they all work just fine. Before smart phones I used an N800 mini tablet and that worked great including video calls.

    -If you also have a voice plan you might only want it for outbound calls which saves battery. Make sure the client has that option so it only starts up when needed.

    If you expect to take inbound calls then you want more options if long battery life is important. For 3G calls I use TCP instead of UDP, that saves battery but your server has to support it. Some clients also allow for "small TCP packets".

    The onboard client works fine but doesn't have many options. If it has what you need then it is perfectly fine. Some of the 3rd party clients add other features depending on the needs and integration required.

    I also use SRTP and TLS for security. I can also do video calls but there's hardly anyone to use it with so it is mostly for family.

    hard to suggest one client over another since each has good and bad points. I make few calls and is the main reason why I don't need to spend another $30 for a voice plan. If I used voice a lot more I might look at some non free clients such as Bria but for my needs the builtin is good enough.
  3. pauladamsit

    pauladamsit New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 11, 2012
    Awesome - I appreciate the feedback!



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