Aug 20, 2010
Hey all,

I need to get a present for someone who's moving jobs and will be spending some a lot of time away from home. A colleague suggested an Android Tablet, and as a happy Samsung Galaxy S user, this seemed like a good idea!

However, our budget is pretty limited, and when I look around it seems like most of the cheaper tablets have pretty big cons (horrible battery life, horrible screens, horrible reliability).

So - simple question - is it possible to get a decent-ish Android tablet for around
Try the Archos tablets. I bought the Archos 70 (not to be confused with Archos 7) for $250 a few months ago and I'm very happy. Its responsive, light, and has good battery life. The only non-out of the box thing that I had to do was install the Android Market app, which was easy. The 10 inch version has also had a good reception.

Unfortunately, these devices are in high demand, so if you look at Amazon they are overpriced. So shop around.
Best budget Android tablet is a NookColor running Android.

I agree with this. I will say you do give up a LOT of screen real estate though. To some, that is worth it. I decided against getting one simply because the screen is so tiny... I didn't find it THAT much more useful than my phone.