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Deletion Options Gone- Previously There

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Wow114, Jun 24, 2017.

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    Weirdest thing happened today.. Just wanted to share, get it in the open air, and maybe see if others went through something similar (regardless of devices). So, a couple of weeks ago, I downloaded a yoga audio (just getting started) and did it again. I had to delete one of them, of course. Well, today, I downloaded a pretty elementary tutorial on storyboarding- Once I saw how simple it was, it had to go, too. I re-entered the same place I had deleted it from previously.. And the option was gone.

    Instead, an immediate pop up happens asking how I want to open it. Eventually, I just go to my file manager and delete the thing. But, it's still listed in my downloads in two areas, plus the deletion option is no longer there- So, I need to play around with it a bit more to see what's up. I go into my apps folder and see that the app that is being prompted to download the file is actually on a force stop. That seems like a problem to me, a little hackery, in fact.

    So I just un-installed the thing to see what would happen if I clicked it again. Sure enough, it was prompted to open the file again. And when I accepted the invitation- the file opened. That presents an issue... I go into the anti-spyware app I'm using and run what amounted to a 5 second check with passing results. The results even said there were "no suspicious permissions," which made no sense to me because all app permissions are generally suspicious. Any similar experiences?

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