Hi Guys,

I have a HTC sensation which i selected to replace my iPhone 3G.

At first it was fantastic until a week or so later it become slow and as unresponsive as my old iPhone was.

I have reset it to factory settings 4 times over the last 8 months and the issue keeps coming back.

Now i have researched this and found that many sensation users are experiencing similar issues as i am and as of late a friend of mine has a sony xperia showing very similar reactions.

My upgrade is due sometime early next year and with my experience with android so far isnt looking good for my next choice of handset.

I am interested to know if the samsung S3 is any good, now i was told the HTC desire HD was good but was replaced with the superior sensation which in all honesty, is crap.

What i want is a good quality lag free phone, and my xp with HTC so far i wont be going near one of those anytime soon so its gonna be the samsung or an iPhone (dont hate me).

If the samsung is a good stable phone with no lag then win, i dont really want an iPhone but in my opinion, alas missing a hundred features the iPhone may be the handset of choice in terms of stability and speed.

Anyone have any advice to share?


Android Expert
Shouldn't need to reset it that many times. I won't speculate on what's causing it but my experience was my stock rom was also laggy so I updated it. Maybe that'll work for you?

Other things help like moving apps to card, cache cleaning apps, not using task managers & not having too much running in the background, although android usually closes unused apps after certain period of inactivity anyway.


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I had an old HTC Desire Z, but had to replace it due to the battery going bad on me. I have a Samsung SGS3 now for a few weeks now. It seems pretty reponsive to me even after a few weeks and adding a bunch of widgets to my home screen.
Hi Bro , i will told you what they told me long time ago , Buy Samsung Galaxy Nexus and You will Never look for smartphones until next nexus come out , just Try to see this Phone in YOUTUBE with Jelly Bean OS and you'll see


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HTC, while having a prettier interface, is more prone to lag IMO dependent on setup because Sense is heavier on resources than Samsung's TouchWiz UI. Never had problems with my Galaxy S regarding lag unless I am trying to play a game that's pushing my hardware to the brink. :D