Does anyone NOT have typing lag in the browser?


Ok I need a few replys to decide to exchange my hero or just return it ..... I am wondering if all heroes have the lag inside the browser while typing such as typing in this forum or on yahoo mail etc etc.. I use the stock browser and i dont want dolphin or steel .... if not all heroes have this lag inside the browser than I shall exchange mine and try a new unit as I am well inside my thirty days, I am 200 percent happy with everything else on the phone .... oh and btw I have sound/haptic/predictive all turned off while experiencing the typing lag in the browser. Thanks

P.s it took me like a half hour typing this


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For me it is good. That is I am not noticing any difference while typing in browser while comparing other areas (e.g. SMS, G-mail, Google Talk etc...).


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No problems here what so ever, Infact a lot of the common problems I have read about on this forum, my phone tends not to have, the keyboard works fine, even on a flat surface, I use haptic feedback, although the camera does suck, but I knew that when I brought the phone..


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No lag here, even with haptics and stuff all left on.

Suggest you try a factory reset before sending it back.
Also... um... you *have* updated from the laggy 1.73 firmware, havent you?


No lag for me.
Latest firmware, standard browser, haptic feedback turned on, no task killers etc (I let the phone manage itself).