Root Droid 3 Clockwork Mod question.


Since my Droid 3 is rooted If I install clockwork mod from ROM manager will this work or possibly brick my phone? Since SPRecovery possibly will not work on this. :thinking: Or does SPRecovery need to be ported to Droid 3 first.


A recovery has to be written for the Droid 3. There is no alternative recovery over stock currently.

also a method will need to be used to install the recovery, similar to the bootstrap method used on the Droid 2/X. This hasn't been developed either for the Droid 3.

In fact everything will have to be written specific to the Droid 3. Kernels (maybe never with the locked bootloader), recoveries, ROMs, themes, etc...

Hoping a 2nd-init method will be found like the Droid 2/X recently received.....