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Jul 23, 2010
Macon, Ga
seeing all the problems people are having with the KitKat update, i want to be able to back up my phone easily. I use google plus for my photos but it doesn't sort them into folders like i have them on my phone. I have a app for sms and call log. i use google drive for other documents. But is their a easy way to back up all my info in one place so that I can do a factory reset and then reload all of my info?
Go into system settings then accounts & sync. Select Google. It automatically syncs your contacts and app data unless you disable it. I didn't and when I restored my phone I ended up with double contacts. You should be able to go to your Google plus account and delete them. Also there is another option under backup and restore that says it backs up your app data, WiFi passwords and other data to Google. I just prefer manual backups...I guess I'm old school lol.
Thanks, also when I do a regular backup will it scan my phone and only add the new stuff, or will it create a new complete update every time? Wondering about it adding back pictures I have since deleted and also duplicating pictures.
If I would rather Google keep up with my contacts and app info can I just not update it in moborobo? Sorry for all the questions, I miss my memory card slot.
No problem. As far as I know Motorobo only does full backups so anytime you restore it will make doubles of anything you still have. If you would rather use Google It will backup your contacts, app settings as well as photos over wifi or 3g. I believe you have to go into Google settings to enable the photos but I'm not sure since I've disabled Google +.
I just re enabled Google Plus just to check and all the options are there. Just go into the app drawer and press the Google + icon and it will walk you through the process.
Motorobo gives you the option to choose what you back up. Just un-check everything that you back up with Google +. For example if you just want to back up photos only check photos when you do the backup. It will save them exactly as they are on your phone.
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